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Chapter 1585: The Thieves Are Planning To Make A Move (2)

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How proud were they of theirskills to do such a crazy thing

Shen Yanxiao believed that she was an honest thief.

She would steal honestly and not flaunt herself.

She would never do something like letting others know that she stole it and giving out notices beforehand.

Thieves had to be soundless, come and go without a trace.

It would be best if no one in the world knew that they were the culprits.

That would be perfect.

If they were that high-profile, why were they called thieves and not bandits

Shen Yanxiao did not have much interest in them.

“Theyve got quite a few of the treasures in the list, but there are still a few that they havent gotten.” Qi Xia said.

“How long until the ten-year deadline” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“Two more months,” Qi Xia smiled and said.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Looking at Qi Xias evil smile, she had an ominous premonition.

“Dont tell me…” Shen Yanxiao looked at those treasures that were being moved down the carriage by the people of Sun Never Sets.

Qi Xia suppressed his laughter and nodded.

“The few that they have yet to obtain are now in our city.”

“I knew it! None of the rulers of the four countries are good people!” Shen Yanxiao was furious.

They were not giving her a gift, but rather throwing a hot potato into her hands

The rulers of the four countries were too smart!

Knowing that they would not be able to keep these treasures from the Silver Hands, they might as well give them to Shen Yanxiao as a favor.

It would look good and presentable.

Besides, if the Silver Hands were to steal the presents, it would have nothing to do with them.

In any case, they had already repaid the debt.

Despicable! Too despicable!

“Why You, as a heartless thief, are afraid of those thieves from Silver Hands” Qi Xia crossed his arms and calmly looked at the displeased Shen Yanxiao.

He was looking forward to the world-shaking scene of a thief god going against a den of thieves.

She had to admit that Third Young Master Qi had a lot of bad taste.

If it were not for his grandfathers suppression, perhaps this young man who was filled with the spirit of adventure would have abandoned wealth and status and ran to become a bandit who occupied a mountain.

“You seem to be looking forward to it” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and looked at Qi Xia who revealed a crafty smile.

“A little,” Qi Xia said with a reserved tone.

“Very well.

Write a notice for the presents sent by the four countries and paste it in the city to thank them for their generous gifts.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and revealed a nasty smile.

“…” Qi Xia was speechless.

Write out everything in these hundreds of carriages

This was simply killing him.

“Since you want to watch a show, you should at least spend some money to buy a ticket.” Shen Yanxiao looked at Qi Xia with a nasty expression.

Didnt he want to see her fight against the Silver Hands

In that case, she would give him a chance to honestly write out the gift list and paste it out so that the young masters of Silver Hands could have a clear path.

Without giving Qi Xia a chance to struggle, Shen Yanxiao dashed into the mansion.

Coincidentally, Tang Nazhi arrived just in time.

When he saw Qi Xia staring blankly at the hundreds of carriages, he curiously walked over and patted Qi Xias shoulders.

“This is the first time Ive seen you frowning when you saw a pile of treasures.” Wasnt this guy a profiteer

Shouldnt profiteers cheer when they see treasures

Why was his expression so tragic

Qi Xia suddenly revealed an evil smile when he looked at Tang Nazhi.

“Nazhi, I have an interesting job here..

Do you want to do it together”

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