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He was only sixteen years old, and he was already an advanced magus.

Such a talent was rarely seen, even in a century.

His talent could even possibly rival the Saint Laurent Academys dean, Ouyang Huanyu!

What shocked them the most was that no one saw Qi Xia chanted anything!

It seemed as if all of his magic was cast instantly.

It was quite unbelievable because even the simplest magic would require one second to chant.

The higher level of magic, the longer it would take to chant it.

However, regardless of the flame bullets or the Blizzard spell, they had not seen Qi Xia prepared for any chants.

Even the most gifted person was not so abnormally powerful!

The group of students from the Magus Division, who were excited to fight earlier, had lost their will to battle when they witness the advanced magic that Qi Xia cast.

They were only a group of junior magi, and the strongest student in that group had yet to advance to the level of an intermediate magus.

How could they confront someone with the abilities of an advanced magus It was suicide!

The other students understanding of magic was not as thorough as those from the Magus Division.

However, they were afraid of the snowflakes that continued to float down.

As for those six swordsmen, they were frozen into six blocks of ice.

Fortunately for them, their noses were exposed so they could still breathe.

The rest of the students shook in fright when they saw the scene in front of them.

They had expected the magus to have a weak defense!

That bastard did not even blink, and he managed to defeat six swordsmen!

Where was the magus with a weak defense Where was their usual inability to fight close-range

Everyones fighting spirit immediately took a tumble.

Their archers were not able to penetrate the barrier, and the swordsmen were trapped in blocks of ice.

Without their mounts, the knights had no advantages in the battlefield, and even the magis legs went soft from fright.

Could they rely on the priests and herbalists to save them Perhaps they could throw stones at their opponents to crush them to their deaths.

What a joke!

The group of valiant and spirited youths immediately deflated and then scattered like the birds and the beasts.

They fear that the three freaks would trample on them if they were slow to escape.

No one could be sure that Yang Xi, the top student in the Knight Division, would not summon a mount and proceed to massacre them.

If they bid their time, would they not be eliminated!

However, Qi Xia did not give them the opportunity to escape.

The tiny snowflakes suddenly enlarged and froze the feet of those students.

One could only hear muffled sounds as the feet of those students were frozen, one by one.

Eyes looked toward the three handsome gentlemen in fright.

“Please, dont be in a rush to leave.

You have not received your presents yet.” Qi Xia raised his jaw slightly, and he had a horrifying smile on his face.

In the middle of the night, anguished screams echoed throughout the Obscure Forest.

When it was finally daybreak, five tall and lean figures left the white battlefield under the weak morning rays.

Qi Xia yawned and wrapped his shoulders around Shen Yanxiaos neck, like a koala that clung onto her shoulders.

A single glistening teardrop hung from his half-closed eyelid.

“Ive toiled for an entire night, Im so tired,” Qi Xia said lazily.

Shen Yanxiao wondered if she could fling that hand away from her shoulders.

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