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Chapter 1570: Little Vermilion Bird (4)

“Xiu.” Shen Yanxiao suddenly called out.

Xiu turned around and looked at Shen Yanxiao whose expression had already recovered.

“Let me carry Vermilion Bird.” Shen Yanxiao reached out her hand.

When he saw hismother suddenly expressing goodwill, the little Vermilion Bird immediately threw away the steamed bun and the water bag with jolting buttocks.

He then fluttered his two fat and short hands towards Shen Yanxiao without any show of reluctance to part with hisdaddy.

Xiu complied and handed Vermilion Bird to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the cute little Vermilion Bird with a smile, then suddenly her eyes turned sharp.

She turned her wrist and carried Vermilion Bird with one hand while her other hand waved and slapped the little Vermilion Birds butt!


“Who asked you to act cute!”


“Who asked you to act dumb!”


“Uncle! Why dont you go back to Sun Never Sets and call grandfather Great Ancestor!”


“You still dare to act! See if I dont smash your butt!”

Shen Yanxiaos sudden outburst petrified the others in the cave.

Xiu was the only one who remained calm as he watched Shen Yanxiao abuse the little Vermilion Bird.

When the eighth slap landed, Vermilion Bird could no longer take it.

He cried out and flailed his short limbs as he snorted.

“Dont… dont hit me anymore… Im just doing what he likes…”

The soft voice was replaced by the familiar tsundere tone.

Taotie did not even have the time to wipe away his tears and could only foolishly look at Vermilion Bird who was beaten up.

His tone was exactly the same as Vermilion Bird.

“Mommy Daddy Who did you learn this from Youre getting more and more courageous.

You even dared to fool me!” Shen Yanxiao held Vermilion Bird upright and narrowed her eyes to look at that pair of familiar red eyes.

Vermilion Bird pouted and muttered, “My acting was so realistic.”

In fact, Vermilion Bird did not lose his memory at all.

After he woke up, he remembered everything that happened previously.

However, the thought of his previous master getting snatched by a group of little boys and girls, Vermilion Birds flames of the competition for favor started to burn.

In any case, he was reborn.

He could act cute without any limit!

Unexpectedly, Shen Yanxiao exposed him before he could enjoy his fill.

It had to be said that Vermilion Bird had become smarter after his rebirth!

She had taken care of Xiu and Lan Fengli at the very first instance and even tortured Taotie.

Unfortunately, he did not escape Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

“Youre so stupid.

Forget it.” Shen Yanxiao rolled her eyes at Vermilion Bird.

This kids acting skills were too bad.

Pointing at Lan Fengli and calling him uncle, wouldnt this expose him

“Hmph!” Vermilion Bird arrogantly turned his head and was dissatisfied with the failure of his plan.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Vermilion Birds familiar appearance and her heart warmed as she hugged him.

“You idiot, are you trying to scare me to death Next time, dont do this again.

I dont want you to sacrifice yourself for me.

I want you to live well.” The scene of Vermilion Birds death was deeply imprinted in Shen Yanxiaos heart and it could not be erased for a long time.

That was a nightmare that caused Shen Yanxiao to wake up from her sleep several times.

Vermilion Bird sensed the sadness and reluctance in Shen Yanxiaos heart.

He lowered his eyes and reached out to hug Shen Yanxiaos neck.

He leaned on her shoulder and whispered.

“You are my master.

From the moment we signed the contract, I have decided to use my life to protect you.

Even if I have to make the choice again, even if I cannot be reborn, I will make the same choice as that day.”

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