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Chapter 1562: Demonstration (1)

Within the palace of the Longxuan Empire.

Jiang Wan reported everything that happened in the Forsaken Land to the Emperor in detail.

The Emperor sat on the throne and quietly listened to Jiang Wans report.

The more he listened, the uglier his expression became.

A million soldiers from the Longxuan Empire had entered the Forsaken Land, but only a hundred thousand survived!

The consumption of 900,000 troops was a nightmare for the Longxuan Empire!

When Jiang Wan finished speaking, the Emperors face turned ashen.

Three million troops from the four-nation alliance could not defeat Shen Yanxiao.

Under the siege of millions of demon beasts, Sun Never Sets still stood in the Forsaken Land

This was simply a joke!

“Are you serious” The Emperors voice trembled.

“I am telling the truth.

If the Emperor does not believe me, you can ask His Highness Long Yue.

He witnessed everything.” Jiang Wan had fulfilled his promise to the Emperor in Sun Never Sets.

He had come to see the Emperor as soon as he returned to the capital.

“How is that possible… is Shen Yanxiao still a human” The Emperor slumped on the throne, unable to calm down for a long time.

He had heard about Shen Yanxiao colluding with demons.

However, who could tell him why Shen Yanxiao suddenly had two more holy beasts under her command How could she summon the Wing of Death, the Lord of the Illusionary Realm And… the God Realm!

Didnt the God Realm hate demons to the bone When did they become so close with Shen Yanxiao who colluded with demons

They even helped Sun Never Sets fight against the beast tide!!

The Emperors worldview had been completely distorted.

He could no longer find any words to describe his current feelings.

Shen Yanxiao was a monster!

What disappointed the Emperor even more was that the Broken Star Palace stood on the sidelines.

The four-nation alliance only sent out their troops in the Forsaken Land for the sake of the Broken Star Palace.

However, no one expected that the Broken Star Palace could really stand on the sidelines and ignore the fate of the four-nation alliance.

900,000 soldiers!

That was more than half of the Longxuan Empires military strength!

The death compensation of those soldiers alone could cause the state treasury of the Longxuan Empire to be filled with debt papers.

The Emperors heart bled.

“Emperor, I have something to say.

I wonder if I should say it or not.” Jiang Wan said.

“Just speak your mind.” The Emperor had been dealt a heavy blow.

“It was a mistake for the four countries to listen to the Broken Star Palaces instigation to attack the Forsaken Land.

I have come into contact with Shen Yanxiao before.

She is not a crafty and vicious person.” Jiang Wan admired Shen Yanxiaos personality deep down.

“Mistake Whats the use of knowing now Weve already offended Sun Never Sets.

Dont tell me we can still shake hands and make peace Its too late… Its too late.” The Emperor shook his head with a bitter smile.

He blamed his greed for setting up such a terrifying enemy for the Longxuan Empire.

If time could be reversed, the Emperor would never have agreed to the Broken Star Palace sending troops so easily.

Right now, they did not manage to obtain the city.

Instead, Shen Yanxiao and the demon beasts had devoured nine hundred thousand troops.

The Emperor wished he could slap himself.

“Perhaps… its not too late.” Jiang Wan looked up and said.” Since Shen Yanxiao was willing to accept the soldiers of our four countries when the beast tide arrived, it is sufficient to prove that she is not a petty person.

Even though she is young, she has a good outlook on the big picture.

Even after the beast tide ended, she did not kill the soldiers of our four countries and even asked her men to treat the injured.

I believe that if we can show enough sincerity, she would not eradicate the Longxuan Empire.”

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