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Chapter 1559: New Challenge (1)

Who was it that colluded with Satan and the Broken Star Palace and wanted Shen Yanxiao dead

For the time being, no one could be sure.

“Ive tallied our losses during this period of time.

A total of eleven cities have been destroyed, and one of the city walls of Sun Never Sets is damaged.

Countless soldiers and demons have been sacrificed.

Based on the losses of the cities, it will take us at least three months to rebuild these damaged cities.” Qi Xia rubbed his eyebrows.

The destruction of the cities was secondary.

What was more important was that the underground cities in those eleven cities had also been blown up.

It would be much more troublesome to rebuild them.

“Fortunately, we have accumulated a lot of funds, so it wont be too damaging.” The only thing Qi Xia was glad about was that Shen Yanxiaos accumulated wealth had reached an astonishing number.

With the support of a powerful economy, rebuilding the city was only a matter of time.

“Have the people from the other four main cities return to their previous cities.

The people from those cities that were destroyed will temporarily relocate to other cities and receive the corresponding compensation for this period of time.” After the war was won, they could not slacken their work after the war.

“Sure.” Qi Xia nodded.

He had become the number one financial ambassador in the Forsaken Land.

“Xiaoxiao, do you remember what Satan said before he left” Shen Siyu suddenly asked as he looked at Shen Yanxiaos orderly arrangement.

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

“What did he say”

At that time, she was in a semi-conscious state and could not remember what happened.

Xiu and Shen Siyu looked at each other.

Xiu slowly said, “Satan will lead the Devil race to attack the Brilliance Continent in three years.”

“What” Shen Yanxiao was completely dumbstruck.

The devils attacking the Brilliance Continent

Did that mean that the war between gods and devils was about to repeat

Whats more…

They no longer had a god!

Not only Shen Yanxiao was shocked, but everyone else in the room was also astonished.

“Wasnt the passage to the Devil race sealed” Tang Nazhi felt that the news was too shocking.

Shen Siyu sighed and said, “The seal I left at the passageway back then has become very weak.

If it were not for the god envoys from the God Realm who strengthened it day and night, Im afraid the seal would have disappeared long ago.

Now that Satan has returned to the human world, its not impossible for him to undo the seal I left behind with his abilities.

I believe he did not leave behind such a threat for no reason.”

“The Devil race is really coming Then what should we do” Tang Nazhi was thoroughly depressed.

Only the God race could contend against the Devil race.

Right now, there was only Xiu and Shen Siyu left.

Xiu was a soul form while Shen Siyu was a demigod.

How were they supposed to fight

“The God race has fallen.

We can only rely on ourselves.” Shen Yanxiao bit her lips.

“If we want to fight against the Devil race, then we must first unite the other six races.

Otherwise, it is impossible to resist the devil army just by relying on humans.” Shen Siyus expression was solemn.

“Its easier said than done.” Li Xiaowei sighed.

Right now, the relations between the various races were extremely bad.

The only ones who had some contact with humans were the elves.

Merfolks lived in the deep sea for a long time, and it had been hundreds of years since people saw a single merfolk.

The dragons resided on the Crouching Dragon Island, and until now, no one knew where the real location of that island was.

The dwarves on the other hand had disappeared without a trace, and as for the undead…

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