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Chapter 1550: Beast Tide (20)

More and more demon beasts surrounded Jia Lan and Jia He, shrinking the encirclement.

Jia Lans eyes were bloodshot.

He protected Jia He while killing the enemy.

A small demon beast suddenly scuttled out from beneath one of the demon beasts.

It bit Jia Hes leg and its sharp fangs instantly tore off his entire leg.

A miserable cry escaped from Jia Hes mouth.

Jia Lan shot an arrow and hacked that demon beast to death, but he showed his back to other demon beasts.

In an instant, a demon beasts horn pierced through Jia Lans chest and a large amount of blood stained his chest.

“Bastard… I… how could Jia Lan die in such… humiliation!” Jia Lan gritted his teeth and shouted.

He then stabbed the demon beasts chest with his sword.

The demon beast collapsed and a fist-sized hole appeared on Jia Lans chest, dripping with blood.

“Jia Lan… leave… ah…” Half of Jia Hes body had been eaten by the demon beasts.

He squinted his eyes weakly and looked at his brother in despair and sadness.

Jia Lan was still hugging Jia He tightly, and tears the size of beans flowed out from his eyes.

He roared and waved the long sword in his hand, forcing back all the demon beasts that approached.

“Dont die… dont die… we havent had enough fun yet…” Jia Lans face was covered with tears as he cried out like a madman.

However, Jia Hes aura was getting weaker and weaker as small demon beasts continued to attack.

When Jia Lan turned around, only Jia Hes arm remained in his hand.

His brothers could no longer travel the continent with him.

“Come on! Come on! Kill me if you have the guts! Kill me! Bastards!” Jia Lan completely broke down.

He stood up straight and roared at the demon beasts in all directions.

A group of small demon beasts hidden around the large demon beasts roared and pounced towards Jia Lan.

Jia Lans long sword cut off the heads of those demon beasts one by one, but his body was riddled with bumps and hollows from being gnawed on by those little demon beasts.

The flesh on his legs had been completely gnawed off, leaving only two white bones.

Unable to stand any longer, Jia Lan collapsed.

He took one last look at the gray sky of the Forsaken Land.

He remembered the scene when he wandered into Sun Never Sets with Jia He.

“Jia Lan, this place will be ours in the future.”

“In the words of humans, are we now kings after we occupy this mountain”

“Yes! Why not!”

“Oh, then I want to be the boss.”

“Get lost.

I am the brother.

I want to be the boss.”

“Im older than you!”

“Im older than you!”

Brother… how about I be your younger brother in your next life

Jia Lan could no longer see the gray sky.

His line of sight was covered by the hideous faces of demon beasts.

In an instant, they were drowned in a group of demon beasts.

The advanced-ranked demons who were dozens of meters away could only look on helplessly as Jia Lan and Jia He were gnawed to death by the demon beasts.

That scene shocked every single one of them, and it aroused their fury.

“Ill kill you! Ill kill you!” Zhong Lings eyes were bloodshot as he raised his saber and slashed at the incoming demons.

Enchantresss cheeks were streaming with tears.

She could not believe that her brothers who had been with her for thousands of years had died just like that.

Recalling the scene where they met in Sun Never Sets and how this pair of clowns played around on normal days, Enchantress felt as if a knife was twisted in her heart.

Jia Lan and Jia Hes death had catalyzed the demons desire to kill.

They wanted revenge!

They wanted to tear those demon beasts into pieces!

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