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Chapter 1541: Beast Tide (11)

“So many…” Tang Nazhi looked at the sky, speechless.

He thought that he was pretty talented to have become a Second-Class Expert, but… there were so many Second-Class Experts in the God Realm.

Thinking about this made him feel as if he was merely a side piece to the main dish!

Qi Xia looked at Shen Siyu and slowly said, “Brother Siyu, do you know how many Second-Class Experts are there in the Broken Star Palace”

Shen Siyu said, “The Broken Star Palace was built in secret, so I am not sure about their numbers.

However, the method they used to nurture experts is not feasible.

Therefore, according to my calculations, the number of Second-Class Experts they have would not exceed the God Realm.”

The Broken Star Palace used Battle Aura Transfer and Magic Transfer as a method to nurture the strong.

It was destined that they would have to sacrifice a large number of people with potential in order to create a Second-Class Expert.

On the other hand, the God Realm spread its power to every member and with the nourishment of the divine power, their lifespan was greatly extended.

As a result, the God Realms influence was above the Broken Star Palace.

“Tsk tsk, I heard from that kid Long Yue that the Broken Star Palace is the reason why the four countries attacked us.

After the beast tide, I must teach them a lesson.” Tang Nazhi snorted.

He held great hostility against the Broken Star Palace.

If the Broken Star Palace did not have as many Second-Class Experts as the God Realm, then there was nothing to be afraid of.

The advanced-ranked demons under their command could rival against the Second-Class Experts of the Broken Star Palace.

Coupled with the two sacred beasts, Taotie and Yazi, they would certainly make the Broken Star Palace suffer in the future!

Shen Yanxiao said with a calm expression, “I will definitely settle this debt with the Broken Star Palace, but the most important thing now is to deal with the beast tide.”

She would not let go of the Broken Star Palace and the four countries so easily.

The current alliance was just a compromise.

She would get back at them one by one in the future.

Outside the city, waves of beast roars gradually approached.

Qu Xun stood alone at the city gates, and his back that was soaked in sweat stuck to the tightly shut gates.

He could already see the silhouettes of those demon beasts.

Qu Xuns mind was about to explode from the deafening roars.

He knocked on the city gates with all his might and pleaded time and time again, but he did not get any response.

Qu Xun stared at the approaching demon beasts with his eyes wide open.

Those hideous faces were simply a nightmare.

Even though demon beasts and magical beasts were of the same species, their appearance was incomparably ugly.

All of them were entirely black in color, and their sharp fangs were propped against their huge mouths as saliva dripped down.

They all had the same pair of purple eyes as demons, but the whites of their eyes were not white.

Instead, they were blood-red, making them look exceptionally terrifying.

Just by looking at the appearance of those demon beasts, Qu Xuns legs had gone soft from fright, and he fell to the ground as his entire body trembled.

Right now, he regretted his decision to reject Shen Yanxiaos conditions.

If he had accepted her conditions, he might have a chance to live.

But right now, he did not even have a single chance to live!

“Help me… help me…” Qu Xun pleaded but received no answer.

The demon beasts rushed to the city gates, and a flying demon beast picked up Qu Xun from the city gates.

In an instant, dozens of flying demon beasts tore the marquis into pieces of meat.

A large amount of blood fell to the ground, indicating that a battle between the beast tide and Sun Never Sets was about to begin.

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