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Chapter 1535: Beast Tide (5)

“I accept your conditions.” Shi Heng was the first to step forward.

Unlike the others, many of the soldiers under him were mercenaries who had gone through thick and thin with him.

He did not want to risk their lives.

If they could not enter Sun Never Sets, they would certainly be wiped out.

If they cooperated with Shen Yanxiao, they would at least have a chance to survive.

“Shi Heng! Are you crazy What good will it be if we fall into her hands She will definitely take revenge and kill us!” Qu Xun did not expect Shi Heng to agree to Shen Yanxiaos conditions so quickly.

Shi Heng ignored Qu Xuns hooting.

He looked straight at Shen Yanxiao and said, “I am willing to be detained by you, and I am also willing to hand over the army to you.

I only hope that City Lord Shen can consider the relationship between you and the leader of the Blizzard Mercenary Group and not let these people die.”

At this point in time, Shi Heng had no choice but to bring up Long Fei.

Only now did he realize how ridiculous he was.

Perhaps he should have been as opposed to this war as Long Fei was from the start.

If he were back then, then none of this would have happened.

“You! Youre crazy! Do you want to die!” Qu Xun roared.

Shi Heng frowned.

“I dont care about my life.

I just want one of them to return alive.”

Qu Xun widened his mouth.

He could not understand Shi Hengs actions at all.

In the eyes of nobles like him, soldiers were meant to be sacrificed.

It was absolutely impossible for him to sacrifice his life for a group of lowly commoners.

Shi Hengs words had also shocked the soldiers of the four-nation alliance.

The soldiers of the God Wind Alliance were proud to have such a commander.

Other soldiers envied the soldiers of the God Wind Alliance for having such a commander who was willing to sacrifice for them.

Shi Heng and Qu Xun were two distinct contrasts.

One regarded the soldiers as his brothers while the other regarded them as stepping stones.

Jiang Wan looked at Shi Heng and chuckled.

He stepped forward and said, “I am also willing to accept City Lord Shens conditions.

There is only one thing I would like you to agree to.”


“Please take good care of Prince Long Yue.

He is the future hope of the Longxuan Empire.”

“I promise you.”

As Shi Heng and Jiang Wan answered, the commotion in the four-nation alliance army increased.

Soldiers were not afraid of death, but they hoped that they would die for the worthy, not for those bastards who did not care about their lives.

Elder Wen was struggling internally.

He already had a deep grudge against Shen Yanxiao, but the current situation did not allow him to make a choice.

If he did not accept it, he would die.

If he did, there was still hope for him to live.

Moreover, Shi Heng and Jiang Wan had already expressed their stand.

If he were to reject Shen Yanxiaos conditions at this moment, then the soldiers behind him would hate him to the bone.

After struggling for a long time, Elder Wen finally accepted Shen Yanxiaos conditions for the sake of his reputation.

Right now, among the four countries, only Qu Xun had yet to express his stance.

“Qu Xun, whats your answer” Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms and looked at the commander that she despised the most.

Qu Xun gritted his teeth and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

“I wont give you such an opportunity! I know that youre just looking for an excuse to torture me and take revenge on me! Why should I accept your request I still have hundreds of thousands of soldiers under me! I can still fight! Even if I cant defeat the demon beasts, cant I escape Youre simply dreaming if you want me to sacrifice myself for these lowly commoners! Shen Yanxiao, youre too despicable!”

Qu Xun, who had always been high above, did not realize that his words had infuriated the soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

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