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Chapter 1516: Decisive Battle (8)

“You want to run Not so easy!” The man above the mythical beast sneered.

His mythical beast was a wind snake.

The attack power of an ordinary wind snake was extremely weak, but his wind snake was the king of wind snakes, and it had broken through to the realm of a mythical beast.

The wind snakes physique was very slender, so its movements were very agile when it fought in the air.

The moment Vermilion Bird brushed past it, the wind snake turned around and used its long tail to entangle one of the Vermilion Birds wings.

Then, it turned around and bit the Vermilion Birds wings.

The fangs of the wind snake contained a large amount of venom, which was extremely harmful to the nerves of magical beasts.

Almost instantly, Vermilion Bird let out a shrill cry!

Shen Yanxiaos expression turned cold.

She pulled out the dagger on her waist and pounced on the wind snakes head.

The man on the snake immediately raised his staff and shot a fireball at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao endured the damage from the flames and stabbed the wind snakes eyes!

The wind snake quickly released its grip on Vermilion Bird due to the pain.

However, its fangs had injected a large amount of venom into Vermilion Bird.

Due to this, Vermilion Birds body had evidently slowed down as it swayed unsteadily.

However, the Vermilion Bird gritted his teeth and endured the numbing venom as he continued to fly forward.

Shen Yanxiaos shoulder was burnt by the fireball and her clothes had been thoroughly burnt.

Her exposed skin was charred and drops of blood were dripping from her wounds.

She decisively took out a bottle of healing potion and poured it onto her wounds.

The tremendous pain made her pale.

“The fruit of the Tree of Life…”

Shen Yanxiao received Vermilion Birds spiritual connection.

“With Little Phoenix…”

Shen Yanxiao shivered and immediately called for Little Phoenix.

Little Phoenix crawled out from under Vermilion Birds feathers.

Vermilion Bird had yet to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life.

After Shen Yanxiao took the fruit, she immediately ran to Vermilion Bird and decisively placed the fruit of the Tree of Life into his mouth.

The fruit of the Tree of Life had great healing effects on magical beasts.

Thus, the moment Vermilion Bird swallowed the fruit, most of the venom in his body was completely removed and the wound on his wings was slowly healing.

After getting rid of the paralysis effect, Vermilion Bird flew even faster.

Like a bolt of lightning, he dashed past the magical beasts on the road, leaving behind a fiery red shadow!

A large amount of blood splattered in the air as Vermilion Bird flew.

However, Vermilion Bird did not dare to pause for a single moment.

The venom and the fruit of the Tree of Life had nearly caused him to faint.

At this moment, he could only bite his tongue and use the pain to force himself to stay awake.

Finally freed from the encirclement of the four-nation alliances aerial forces, Vermilion Bird rushed to Qilins side with Shen Yanxiao and Taotie.

“Xiaoxiao, are you hurt” Qi Xia looked at the burn on Shen Yanxiaos shoulder and a killing intent exploded from his languid eyes.

The demon from the bottom of his heart was about to be awakened.

“Dont worry.

Let Freud and the others take action.

There are not many siege weapons left in the four-nation alliance and our protective shield is about to collapse.

Sleep Wolf and the others have sent us news that the reinforcement weapons from the four-nation alliance will be arriving soon.

We must defeat them before they arrive!” Shen Yanxiao did not have the time to care about her injuries.

Any slightest carelessness in battle would result in a complete loss.

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