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Chapter 1513: Decisive Battle (5)

The dead mythical beast fell from the sky.

After doing that, Shen Yanxiao leaped off the beast and Vermilion Bird tacitly flew under her, catching her.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the blood-stained magical crystal with a teasing smile.

“Taotie, eat it.” With a casual throw, Taotie directly swallowed it.

The magical core of a mythical beast was extremely rare.

The huge amount of energy it contained caused Taotie to squint his eyes in excitement.

The experts of the four-nation alliance sat on their mythical beasts, and the scene that happened just now made them shiver.

An expert and a mythical beast had been killed by Shen Yanxiao alone!!

“She is Shen Yanxiao” Looking at the young lady standing on Vermilion Birds back, an expert asked with a trembling voice.

The Master of Sun Never Sets, the Lord of the majority of the Forsaken Land!

She was also the main objective of their expedition!

“Damn it, take her down first!” After witnessing Shen Yanxiaos savageness, almost everyone came to a consensus.

No matter what, they had to kill Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird first!

All the mythical-level magical beasts started to gather towards Vermilion Bird.

They even gave up on fighting with Qilin, Azure Dragon, and the two-headed dragon.

They even ordered the high-level magical beasts to block the path of those three massive beasts.

For a moment, Shen Yanxiao was surrounded by more than twenty mythical beasts.

All the gaps around her were filled up by the magical beasts of the four countries.

Qi Xia and Yang Xi immediately noticed Shen Yanxiaos predicament.

However, the high-level magical beasts swarming towards them did not give them any chance to approach Vermilion Bird.

Those high-level magical beasts blocked their path without any regard for their lives.

The two-headed phantom dragon released a dragon cry and green flames started to shoot out from its mouth, sweeping across the dozens of flying magical beasts in front of it.

However, more flying magical beasts immediately filled the gap.

The four-nation alliance had made up their minds to surround Shen Yanxiao and to never allow any reinforcements to arrive.

“Oh no! They are going to concentrate their fire on Xiaoxiao!” Standing on the city wall, Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao who was trapped.

No matter how powerful she was, she could not withstand the siege of tens of thousands of magical beasts.

Furthermore, there were more than twenty mythical beasts of the four countries gathering around Shen Yanxiao.

“All Magus and Archers, focus your attacks on Xiaoxiaos surroundings! Destroy those magical beasts!” Yun Qi immediately ordered.

All the Magus and Archers on the city walls focused their firepower around Shen Yanxiao.

Everyone wished they could kill more magical beasts so that Shen Yanxiao could breathe a little.

However, with tens of thousands of magical beasts in the air, the focus fire could not open a path for Shen Yanxiao to escape.

The magical beasts of the four-nation alliance surrounded Shen Yanxiao like a huge dark cloud that swallowed u[ Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird.

“Tsk tsk, it seems like I cant be too high-profile at a time like this.” Shen Yanxiao stood on Vermilion Birds back and looked at the magical beasts that were rapidly surrounding her.

She could hear Qi Xia and Yang Xis anxious shouts in her ears.

She was well aware that the four-nation alliance had decided to use all their aerial magical beasts to encircle her.

Facing such a predicament, even the power in her hands could not save her from here.

Taotie stood by Shen Yanxiaos side and his small hands tightly gripped the corner of her clothes.

“Master, I will not let you die! As long as I am alive, they can forget about harming you!”

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