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Chapter 1511: Decisive Battle (3)

“Theyve dispatched their mythical beasts.” Qi Xia narrowed his eyes as he looked at the dozens of huge magical beasts flying towards them.

Surrounding those mythical beasts were a group of high-level flying magical beasts and mid-level flying magical beasts.

Evidently, the opponent wanted to attack Sun Never Sets from the sky.

Even though there were only twenty plus mythical beasts in the four-nation alliance, the number of high-level and low-level flying magical beasts was astonishing.

They were densely packed together as they hovered in the air.

They looked like a huge dark cloud that was rapidly approaching the Sun Never Sets.

“There are at least tens of thousands of them.” Tang Nazhi swallowed his saliva.

This number was absolutely terrifying.

Even the protective shield of Sun Never Sets would not be able to withstand the crazy attacks of tens of thousands of magical beasts.

The sky was the blind spot for artillery and siege weapons, so those magical beasts could attack them without any hesitation.

Shen Yanxiao sneered.

“Are they the only ones who have flying magical beasts All of you, summon your magical beasts.

Archers and magus, stand on the city walls and fight! I must shoot down those magical beasts one by one.”

Under Shen Yanxiaos command, all the flying magical beasts in Sun Never Sets were immediately summoned.

Shen Yanxiaos Vermilion Bird, Qi Xias Qilin, and Yang Xis Azure Dragon led the team.

The three mythical beasts led thousands of flying magical beasts in Sun Never Sets as they flew through the protective shield and into the sky.

To fight against tens of thousands of opponents with a few thousand was definitely a bitter fight.

However, no one hesitated.

On the city walls, all the magus raised their staffs while the archers drew their bows and aimed at the magical beasts.

Black Tortoise, White Tiger and Orochi had also been summoned.

Although they could not fly, they could transform into human forms and sit on other flying magical beasts to join in the fight.

Yun Qi stood on the city wall and looked at the flying magical beasts in the sky.

All of a sudden, he drew a huge summoning array on the city wall.

“Illusionary beasts from another world, please listen to my call.

I am willing to use my strength and my blood as a medium to lure you into the gates of another world!”

As Yun Qi finished his last word, a blinding light suddenly exploded from the summoning array.

Amidst the light, a huge two-headed phantom dragon revealed its savage appearance as strong winds blew.

A dragons roar resounded throughout the skies!

The double-headed phantom dragon was an extremely powerful phantom beast that was comparable to a holy beast!

Everyone standing by Yun Qis side widened their eyes as they looked at the huge dragon from the Illusion Realm.

Ever since the Warlocks were culled, it had been many years since people had seen a phantom beast.

Right now, Yun Qi had recovered his peak strength and summoned the double-headed phantom dragon with all his might!

The moment the two-headed phantom dragon appeared, Yun Qi seemed to have aged by more than ten years.

This was a super phantom beast that he summoned after exhausting all the magic in his body.

Yan Yu immediately casted a healing spell on Yun Qi.

With this, Yun Qi did not collapse just yet.

“Illusionary beast from another world, please help me eliminate the enemy!” Yun Qi shouted.

The two-headed phantom dragon released a heaven-shocking dragon roar and dashed into the skies like lightning.

For a moment, the sky above Sun Never Sets became a battlefield for flying magical beasts.

The moment the Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon, Qilin, and the two-headed phantom dragon appeared, the twenty plus aerial magical beasts of the four countries immediately surrounded them.

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