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Chapter 1497: Chaos (1)

The army of the four-nation alliance advanced toward Sun Never Sets at a rapid pace.

They had conquered four cities in fifteen days, but all of them had turned into ruins without exception.

During the fifteen days of battles, the four-nation alliance seemed to have been tortured over and over again.

Their seemingly victorious results did not allow them to gain any advantage.

They did not get any spoils of war and the number of enemies they killed was probably less than a hundred.

Moreover, it was only some low-ranked demons that died each time.

They did not even see a single intermediate-ranked demon.

In contrast, the four-nation alliance had lost more than two hundred siege weapons in the past fifteen days, and the death count had exceeded three hundred thousand.

Using more than two hundred siege weapons and 300,000 lives to exchange for four ruins, was this considered a victory

In the army of the four-nation alliance, everyone had the urge to vomit blood.

They wished they could drag Shen Yanxiao out of Sun Never Sets and ask her if this was a war!

Its fine if you dont come out and fight with us, but you even let low-ranked demons stay in the cities and order them to bombard us! How can you torture us like this!

Do you dare to have a fair fight with us

The four-nation alliance wanted to cry.

Even if Shen Yanxiao were to fight a bloody battle with them with millions of demons, it would be better than this.

That was the most frustrating war they had ever experienced.

After fighting for half a month, the demons on the other side were killed by long-range attacks.

Many of them could not even touch the enemys clothes.

It was one thing to fight to their hearts content, but could they leave some spoils of war for them

What was with the pile of ruins

The enthusiasm of the commanders of the four countries had been worn down by the strange battle in the Forsaken Land.

They felt that they had been fooled by Shen Yanxiao.

Furthermore, they had been tricked to the extent that they had no room to fight back.

They could only brace themselves and ready their siege weapons to occupy the next city.

However, no matter how luxurious and sturdy that city walls were, it would become a wasteland after their victory.

The amount of manpower and resources they had expended was not even comparable.

Such a psychological blow was more terrifying than a physical blow.

Standing in the Forsaken Land, Jiang Wan looked at the next city not far away and could not muster up any enthusiasm.

“We have to pass through at least seven cities to reach Sun Never Sets.

If this continues, Im afraid there will only be five hundred siege weapons left when we arrive at Sun Never Sets.”

Shi Heng stood by Jiang Wans side.

Their personalities were somewhat similar.

After the previous few setbacks, Shi Heng and Jiang Wan had formed a temporary alliance in private.

In order to prevent too many losses in this battle, they had no choice but to put aside their prejudice against each other and stand together to discuss.

“Is there no other way to avoid it” Shi Heng frowned.

Even though five hundred plus siege weapons were not a small number, it was said that Sun Never Sets was the sturdiest city in the Forsaken Land.

He did not feel safe with those five hundred over siege weapons.

Jiang Wan shook his head.

“Leader Shi Heng should be well aware that we know nothing about the layout of Sun Never Sets.

Other than Shen Yanxiaos confidants, no outsiders can enter.

No one knows how strong Sun Never Sets is, and the path we have chosen is the shortest.”

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