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Chapter 1493: The First Battle (5)

She must not allow these thousand plus siege weapons to enter the Sun Never Sets.

Otherwise, it would be over!

All the demons stationed at the fort had received Enchantress orders.

They immediately shifted their targets and aimed at the siege weapons!

The adjustment of the cannons target caused a moment of chaos in the four-nation alliance.

The bombardment of the cannons caused heavy casualties to the soldiers in charge of the siege weapons.

“Immediately send someone else up.

I want to see how long they can last!” Elder Wen gnashed his teeth and said.

As the death of soldiers increased, there were immediately new soldiers to fill in the gaps.

The siege weapons were operating endlessly.

Compared to before, there were simply too many casualties.

The improvement of artillery shells mainly focused on group damage.

Thus, its effect would be much weaker once they were to target an independent and sturdy siege weapon.

A siege weapon would only be destroyed after firing it with cannon shells a few dozen times.

During this period, the walls of Del City had suffered tens of thousands of bombardments and finally, hideous cracks appeared on the unshakable walls!

The incomparably sturdy city walls had begun to shake from the bombardments!

The appearance of the crack had boosted the morale of the four-nation alliance.

Elder Wen and the others roared and made the siege weapons attack even more crazy.

A dense barrage of attacks landed on the walls of Del City, creating a huge gap from the bombardments of the cannons.

Three low-ranked demons stood on the exposed cannons in a panic, but they did not stop shooting.

“Its actually demons! Damn it! Magus and Archers, immediately slaughter those three demons!” The moment Qu Xun saw the demons that were exposed, he was furious.

He had suffered such a huge loss, and the city walls only had three low-ranked demons.

It was simply a huge disgrace.

With a single order, thousands of archers and magus instantly blasted those three low-ranked demons who were guarding the fort into mincemeat.

The three demons did not even have the chance to cry before they died without a complete corpse.

Enchantresss gaze stared fixedly at the exposed fort while her purple eyes were filled with blood vessels as she imprinted those three blood stains into her soul.

“I will definitely kill them.” Enchantress tightly clenched her fist as fury burned on her seductive face.

She had personally selected and trained the demons stationed in Del City.

She knew that without her orders, those low-ranked demons would never leave the fort even if they knew they were going to die.

“Enchantress…” Du Lang looked at Enchantresss furious side profile.

This was the first time he had seen Enchantress furious expression.

“Lets retreat.” Du Lang could not bear to see her like this.

Under Enchantress cold eyes, the love she had for her kind was unbearable.

Enchantress gritted her teeth and said, “I cannot retreat now.

I promised the Lord that I would make the four-nation alliance pay the price in Del City.

I cannot leave just like this.

If those siege weapons were to reach the city, even Sun Never Sets would not be able to survive.

I have to reduce their numbers here!”

Enchantress closed her eyes amid the sounds of artillery fire.

The smell of blood that belonged to demons spread throughout her nose, making her heart ache.

However, they could not retreat.

If they were to refuse, Sun Never Sets would be in danger, Shen Yanxiao would be defeated, and the demons would become existences that the Brilliance Continent would not tolerate.

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