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Chapter 1490: The First Battle (2)

Del City was located at the border between the Forsaken Land and the Longxuan Empire.

In the past, it was only a piece of ruins after the war.

There was not even half a city wall left.

But now, it had been rebuilt.

Even though it was only a small city, when the armored horses of the four-nation alliance arrived outside Del City, they could not help but sigh at the nearly perfect city in front of them.

The tall and sturdy city walls, the towering city gates, and dozens of cannons mounted on the city walls.

All of these features made it look like a powerful city.

The leaders of the four countries alighted from the carriages one after another.

Their thoughts were complicated as they looked at the city before them.

Looking at Del City and then at the cities in their country, they honestly had the urge to vomit blood.

The construction of Del City could be said to be extremely durable.

There was only one entrance in the entire city and the surrounding walls were all built with the hardest obsidian.

Be it the height or the thickness, it was breathtaking.

All the cannons were hidden within the city walls and only a single muzzle could be seen.

The ramparts extended out from the city walls could completely cover up the artillery and the gunners.

Even archers and magus who were good at long-range attacks couldnt attack the gunners through that small opening.

If they wanted to destroy those cannons, they could only break the city walls!

The effect of such a construction was exceptionally good when it came to defending it, but due to the high cost, no other cities dared to use it other than the capital of various countries.

Del City was merely the most inconspicuous city in the Forsaken Land, but it had already been built to perfection.

How could they not vomit blood

“How extravagant is this Shen Yanxiao! Why did she build such a savage city for no reason!” Qu Xun looked at the city walls built with obsidian and felt as if he was looking at a pile of gold coins.

Who would believe that this city with explosive defenses was only a small city that had been rebuilt for less than a year

To rebuild the city to such an extent in such a short time, the cost must have reached a shocking number.

This was merely a small city!!

The commanders of the four countries vomited blood, and so did the soldiers of the four countries.

When they thought about how their generals had been hesitating over the military expenses all day long, and then looked at the treatment their enemies were receiving in the Forsaken Land, they had the urge to die.

“The Longxuan Empire has benefited.

If Shen Yanxiao had built all her cities to this scale, then the Longxuan Empire, which has the most number of cities, would have a huge advantage this time.” Elder Wen spoke with a sour tone.

Even though he already knew the approximate scale of the cities in the Forsaken Land, it was not as shocking as witnessing it with their own eyes.


Shen Yanxiao was really rich!

After the four commanders vomited blood, they began to fantasize if the cities they divided up after Shen Yanxiaos death would be as perfect as Del City.

After everyone had marveled at the lavishness of Del City, Elder Wen and Qu Rui gave the order to attack at the same time.

In any case, the city would ultimately belong to the Longxuan Empire and it would not affect them even if they were to be smashed into pieces.

The Longxuan Empire could not take all the advantage!

The armies of the Blue Moon Dynasty and the Seventh Kingdom started to attack Del City.

However, what made them speechless was that even though they had arrived at the city gates, they did not see any signs of resistance.

Could it be that Shen Yanxiao intended to abandon all the cities and only defend the main cities

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