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Chapter 1487: Four Nations Alliance (3)

“This time, you are fighting for the stability of the Brilliance Continent,” the Sage stepped forward and said slowly.

“I dont care what prejudice you have against each other, but I hope that you can let go of your prejudice for the future of the Brilliance Continent.”

The leaders of the four factions secretly curled their lips.

Was he trying to unite them

“Commanders of the four countries, please come to me to discuss the matter of dealing with the demons in the Forsaken Land.” The Sage spoke with a strong sense of righteousness.

Since the Broken Star Palace had spoken, the commanders of the four armies did not dare to not give them face.

Soon after, they walked over.

Shi Heng stepped forward and looked at the other three.

The commander of the Blue Moon Dynasty was the marquis, Qu Xun.

The commander of the Longxuan Empire was the great general, Jiang Wan, while the Seventh Kingdom was led by Elder Wen.

Shi Heng frowned.

He had heard that when Shen Yanxiao first entered the Forsaken Land, she had injured Qu Xuns son, Qu Rui, so Qu Xun must be planning to avenge his son.

Moreover, Elder Wen seemed to be dissatisfied with Shen Yanxiao back in the Twilight City.

With the exception of Jiang Wan, the other two people more or less had some conflicts with Shen Yanxiao.

Shi Heng sighed internally.

Not to mention his and Jiang Wans attitude, there were already two among the four commanders who hated Shen Yanxiao to the core.

They would never be lenient.

“The Broken Star Palace will lead us to eradicate the demons, and we will naturally cooperate.

Please be rest assured, Sage.” The moment Qu Xun arrived at the Sages side, he hastily expressed his sincerity.

Qu Xun had volunteered to lead the army.

He doted on his son, Qu Rui, and knowing that Qu Rui had been injured by Shen Yanxiao, he hated Shen Yanxiao to the bones.

How could he not come when there was such a good opportunity for revenge

So what if Shen Yanxiao was powerful The four countries had mobilized a three-million-men army and they were confident that they could take her down.

Qu Xun did not believe that the four-nation alliance would lose.

He only wanted to kill Shen Yanxiao after the victory and avenge his son.

Elder Wens thoughts were basically in line with Qu Xun.

He was not taking revenge for others, but to punish Shen Yanxiao for himself.

“Of course.

I wonder if you have any ideas.

If so, you can tell me in advance.

After all, entering the Forsaken Land is equivalent to stepping into the battlefield.

It would be bad if we were unprepared once the war starts.” The Sage reminded the four countries not to be too lax.

“Sage, you think too highly of Shen Yanxiao.

I dont believe an ignorant little kid who has just stepped into the Forsaken Land for two years is capable.

Instead of worrying about her, I think we should focus our attention on the demons.” Qu Xun did not think much about it.

He honestly did not take Shen Yanxiao seriously.

In his eyes, Shen Yanxiao was just a lucky little girl that was not worth mentioning.

“Ignorant brat Marquis Qu Xun is so confident.

Dont tell me you dont know that the ignorant brat you mentioned only used half a year to take down a main city Dont tell me you dont know that she had already broken through to become a Second-Class Expert a year ago” Elder Wen had personally experienced Shen Yanxiaos valiant deeds, so he felt disdain towards Qu Xuns indifference.

Qu Xun wanted to refute, but the Sage raised his hand to stop their argument.

“Its useless to say anything else.

Our objective is to eliminate Shen Yanxiao and those demons.

It doesnt matter if its against her or those demons.

What we want is the result.” The Sage did not want to listen to their nonsense.

He represented the Broken Star Palace, and they only had one request.

Shen Yanxiao must die!

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