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“How can we allow this This is too dangerous!” The other teachers all spoke at once without any hesitation.

It was a scary situation if a warlock had hidden among the students.

“Teacher Ling Yue, can you discern the strength of this warlock” Na Ken furrowed his eyebrows.

He had the same concern as the rest of the teachers.

The older teacher was the main person in charge of the test.

Every one of them would need to heed his advice, especially in a situation like that.

Ling Yue frowned again and pondered for a moment.

Then he said, “Based on both of those situations, Lin Ke and Cao Xu was inflicted with a curse that allowed the caster to control their thoughts.

Such a curse would have been a combination of four singular curses.”

“Formed by four singular curses!”

Everyone there was in an uproar.

Even though the number of warlocks had declined, rumors about them never disappeared.

The simplest skills that a warlock could have learned were singular curses, even an apprentice could learn them.

However, only true warlocks would have been able to utilize combination curses.

Furthermore, the more singular curses a combination curse required, the more difficult it was.

A junior warlock could only cast a simple combination curse, usually only formed by two singular curses.

As for third or fourth-grade curses, only an intermediate warlock could use them.

The fifth and sixth-grade curses were mostly reserved for the advanced warlocks.

Was the caster in the Obscure Forest an intermediate warlock Furthermore, a warlock who could cast a fourth-grade curse would likely have the strength of a four-star intermediate warlock.

They might even break through to an advanced warlock soon!

All of the teachers in the tent were at least a Great Magus.

Even though an intermediate warlock was weaker, they were never one for a face-to-face battle.

So, even though the teachers surpassed the warlock in ranks, they were not confident to deal with an opponent that fought from the dark.

A warlocks curses were near impossible to defend against effectively, and no one would know which corner they would hide in to cast their curses.

“The opponent is very likely a four-star intermediate warlock, and he might have even reached the level of an advanced warlock.

After all, the curses that he had used were all combination curses that only a peaked intermediate warlock could cast.” Ling Yue was in a somber mood.

One could describe the warlocks as a nightmare for Brilliance Continent.

Even an intermediate warlock was enough to cause them a headache.

If their opponent reached the level of an advanced warlock or even a great warlock, not even Ling Yue, a peaked Great Magus, could defeat them.

“With the current situation, we cannot act blindly without thinking.

That person has not injured any of our students, and he probably does not wish to expose his identity.

If we recall the students rashly, it might inadvertently alert the enemy, and the consequences could be disastrous if the warlock is driven into desperation to attacks us.

There is no lack of vicious large scale combination curses.

So, we can only bid our time until we are a hundred percent sure about it.

We shall hand this matter to the dean to settle after we return to the academy.” Ling Yue was in an awkward situation.

He could not deal with the opponent then, and he guessed that the warlock must have concealed himself among the students who participated in the test.

However, who could it be

Why would he hide among the students

What was the motive for his actions

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