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Chapter 1463: Phantoms Reunion (6)

“Elf King…”

The Five Beasts silently shifted their line of sight to the graceful elf.

“No problem.” The Elf King smiled and nodded.

“…” The Five Beasts were instantly speechless.

Didnt they say that elves were cold by nature and disdained humans

Why was the Elf King so easy to talk to Moreover, Shen Yanxiao asked him to prepare food

The Five Beasts impression of elves instantly shattered.

“Xiaoxiao, arent you going to introduce these five people to me” Wen Ya, who had been standing on one side without speaking, walked to Shen Yanxiao with a smile.

“Mother, these five are my friends,” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.


The Five Beasts once again suffered a severe blow.

“Lets wait until after dinner.

Vermilion Bird, Taotie, you should eat together.”

“Ao, ao, ao, ao!” When Taotie heard that there would be food, he immediately transformed into his human form happily and followed Shen Yanxiao while wagging his tail.


The Five Beasts were thoroughly petrified.

They were curious as to what had happened to Shen Yanxiao during the past few months in the Moon God Continent.

She had hooked up with the War God.

Enslaved the Elf King.

Found her mother.

Kidnapped a ferocious beast like Taotie!

Just what had she done!

During the meal, Shen Yanxiao obediently revealed all her experiences in the Moon God Continent under the interrogation of Qi Xia and the others, including using food to capture Taotie and the resurrection of the Devil God.

“The Devil God will really come back” After they heard of Shen Yanxiaos miraculous journey, the Five Beasts were greatly surprised.

However, the rebirth of the Devil God had extinguished all their enthusiasm.

At the mention of Satan, the atmosphere became heavy.

“Yes, but the time is still uncertain,” Xiu said.

“Without the God race, can we defeat the Devil race” The Elf King revealed a trace of worry.

Back then, the God race had exerted all their strength and barely managed to send the Devil race back to the underworld.

For that, the God race had paid a huge price.

The extinction of their entire race resulted in that result.

Now that the God race was extinct, the Devil race was about to rise from the ashes.

The situation was not looking good.

“The God race is not extinct.” Xiu faintly said.

“But you are the only one left, how can you resist the devil army” The Elf King knew that Xiu was powerful, but he was only one!

Xiu looked up and met everyones gaze.

“The God race will die, but the divine power will not disappear.

When the superior gods die in battle, their power will return to the last temple of the God race.

As long as they obtain that power, a new superior god will appear.”

“You can create gods” Everyone was stunned by Xius words.

“You can say that.” Xiu nodded and said, “The original God race was actually founded by the ancestors of various races.

Taoties father, the Dragon God, was one of them.

He was the ancestor of the Dragon race and possessed the purest power of dragons.

He was the Goddess of Life of the elves, the God of Wisdom of the dwarves, the Sea God of the merfolk, and the Dragon God of the dragons.

Other than the God race, even the devils had their own demon god, and the superior god of the undead was the God of Death.

Once a superior god fell, the god would choose a suitable successor from various races.”

“What about humans Dont humans have gods” Shen Yanxiao noticed that Xius narration only lacked humans.

Could it be that humans were the same as the God race in the sense that they do not have any gods

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao and slowly said, “The god of the Human race is the Lord God.”

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