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Chapter 1459: Phantoms Reunion (2)

“Yes.” Yan Yu nodded.

“I believe she should be in Moonshine City right now,” the elf said expressionlessly.

“Thank you.” After obtaining Shen Yanxiaos exact location, the five members of Phantom immediately passed the Moonlight Coast inspection.

As he watched the five youths leave, the elf who gave them directions silently returned to his original position.

It could only be said that the five of them had thought of things too simply.

When they arrived at the gate leading to the yellow-level city, they were stopped.

The elves guarding the city told them that they had to have an exclusive pass for human merchants to enter the city.

As for Moonshine City…

Dont even think about it.

“The elves are being too rigid.

Its not like we would do anything bad if they let us in.” The Five Beasts that were rejected could only find a grassland in the city and sit down.

“Well, itll be too late after tonight.

What do you think” Tang Nazhi looked at the others.

They were pressed for time.

“The elves forbade us from going there.

Do we have to listen to them” Qi Xia raised his brow.

The Phantom had never followed the rules.

“Ha, as expected, youre the worst.” Tang Nazhi smiled and punched Qi Xias shoulder.

“We must reach Moonshine City before tonight.” Qi Xia stretched out his fist.

“Of course.” The remaining four suddenly stood up and exchanged fist bumps.

On this stormy day, two huge mythical beasts suddenly appeared in an ordinary cyan-level city in the Moon God Continent!

Azure Dragon soared in the sky, while Qilin rode on auspicious clouds.

The huge magical beasts filled the vision of every elf as they soared in the sky and headed towards Moonshine City!

In Moonshine City, the Tree of Life gradually recovered its former vitality.

After Satan left, all the pollution had disappeared without a trace, and the Tree of Life became increasingly tall and strong under the influence of the holy power.

After Xiu cured the last vein of the Tree of Life, his figure slowly landed on the ground.

The moment he landed, his tall figure slightly swayed.

“Xiu!” Shen Yanxiao was shocked.

She immediately rushed to Xius side and hugged his waist.

“Im fine, just a little exhausted.” Xiu patted Shen Yanxiaos head.

Shen Yanxiao said nothing.

Even though Xiu tried his best to hide the truth, she could clearly sense that Xiu was much weaker than before.

In fact, he was even weaker than when he was in Sun Never Sets.

This feeling was exceptionally clear in Shen Yanxiaos heart.

She gritted her teeth, knowing that Xiu was only comforting her.

How could it be so simple to resurrect the Tree of Life

Xiu was still in his soul state, and consuming such a large amount of divine power would definitely deplete much of his accumulated strength.

“In a few days, I will be able to break the last seal.

At that time, lets go back to Sun Never Sets.

I will try my best to absorb dark elements to replenish your strength.” Shen Yanxiao buried her head in Xius chest.

Sweet words were flashy without substance.

Affection could only be expressed through actions.

Xiu put his arms around Shen Yanxiao, and the two of them stood under the Tree of Life, hugging each other.

“Who is that guy!” A shout broke the silence.

In the skies above Moonshine City, Azure Dragon and Qilin were standing in the air.

The five members of Phantom who sat on their backs were staring at the two embracing figures!

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