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Chapter 1427: Tree of Life (1)

The undoing of Shen Yanxiaos seal indicated that she was about to leave the Moon GOd Continent and return to the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao, who only had one seal left, started to miss her friends who stayed in the Brilliance Continent.

However, she had another task to complete.

That was to find Wen Ya and Shen Yu.

Duan Xue had been investigating the situation around the Tree of Life.

Every time she met Shen Yanxiao, she would give her new information.

One and a half months later, when Duan Xue and Shen Yanxiao met again, he brought her some accurate information.

“That day, I met the human by the Elf Kings side.

I can confirm that she is Wen Ya.”

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and looked at Duan Xue.

Even though this conjecture was already in her mind, she was still shocked when she heard about Wen Ya.

“This is the arrangement around the Tree of Life.

If you wish to sneak in, I advise you to give up.

There are special elves constantly guarding around the Tree of Life for twenty-four hours.

Moreover, there are spirit beasts that possess extremely strong perception there.

As long as any unfamiliar aura approaches, they will send a warning to the elves.” Duan Xue handed the map she had personally drawn to Shen Yanxiao.

The Tree of Life was too tightly guarded, so even if Shen Yanxiao had a stealth potion, it would be hard to escape.

Moreover, if Shen Yanxiaos target was Wen Ya, then she must approach the Elf King.

It was practically impossible to approach the Elf King without getting discovered.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

With the map, it was not difficult for her to sneak into the Tree of Life.

Even if there were spirit beasts with strong perception as guards, she had potions that could conceal her aura.

However, just as Duan Xue was worried, Shen Yanxiao could not approach Wen Ya even if she could approach the Tree of Life.

That was because she had the most powerful elf in the Lunar Continent by her side—the Elf King.

All of a sudden, a bold plan formed in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

She looked at Duan Xue and said.

“Duan Xue, I need your help with something.”

The Tree of Life was located in the center of Moonshine City.

Around the Tree of Life, it had been closely guarded.

The sharpest elves in the Silvermoon Guards were all stationed there.

These elves were directly under the command of the Chief Commander, Fen Chu.

Even Mo Yu and the rest had no right to question him.

The Saintess and the Elders had to go through three checkpoints before they could enter and exit the Tree of Life.

At that moment, most of the Saintesses had just returned from getting the items they had requested.

A gentle figure slowly walked towards the first round of inspection, and the elf who stood guard at the site allowed the other party to stop before the inspection as per usual.

“Name” The elf guard asked.

“Duan Xue,” the gentle elf smiled and said.

The elf guard took out the documents with Duan Xues name on it.

Other than the portrait of Duan Xue, there was also some information about her.

The elf guard carefully compared the portrait with Duan Xue and observed her height and physique.

After ensuring that there were no discrepancies with the data, he allowed her in.

Duan Xue smiled at him and continued to walk inside.

Not far away, she saw the spirit beast standing by the elf guarding the second checkpoint.

Duan Xue narrowed his eyes, and an unusual sharpness flickered in her eyes.

If an elf who was familiar with Duan Xue saw this abnormality, they would be extremely surprised.

How did this elf who was usually extremely gentle suddenly possess such a sharp gaze

That expression did not seem to belong to Duan Xue.

It was more like the crafty appearance of some heartless thief.


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