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Chapter 1426: Stay With Me Forever (4)

When the kiss ended, Shen Yanxiaos face was flushed red.

However, she did not shy away.

Instead, she hugged Xius neck.

“Wait for me for three years.

I will marry you when I grow up.” Shen Yanxiao wanted to say that she wanted to bind Xiu to her as her husband.

However, she was now only fourteen and a half years old.

She would only be fifteen years old in a few months.

Even though marriage between fifteen to sixteen years old was common in this world, Shen Yanxiao stubbornly believed that only reaching adulthood at the age of eighteen could she…

Well, she was evil.

“Sure.” Xiu pressed his forehead against Shen Yanxiaos and softly agreed.

With an eternity ahead of them, he was not afraid of waiting.

No need to mention three years.

Even if it was thirty years or three hundred years, he would still wait.

“If you want to dote on me in the future, dont shout at me.” Shen Yanxiao had already started to plan for the future.

“Sure.” Xiu agreed without any hesitation.

“You have to bring me to your territory.

I will be the mistress there.”


“Do you know how humans confess They are used to saying three…”

“I love you.”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

Looking at the man before her, she suddenly felt like crying.

“Idiot, youre so easy to talk to.

Youll be bullied to death by me in the future.” Shen Yanxiao lowered her eyes as her heart warmed up.

“Ive never allowed anyone to bully me.

But if it were you, I would gladly endure it,” Xiu whispered.

“Idiot.” Shen Yanxiao wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

This god that had been cold for thousands of years had given her the only gentle part of his heart without holding back.

How fortunate she was.

“After we return to the Brilliance Continent and tide through the beast tide, shall we go and retrieve your body” Shen Yanxiao hugged Xiu.

She was used to this body without any body heat, but she hoped that Xiu could recover his true body.


Shen Yanxiao smiled.

She found Xiu interesting.

This cold god was so gentle.

His show of gentleness only belonged to her, and no one could snatch it away.

The silence was indeed the most touching.

That was until Vermilion Bird could no longer stand it and kicked Taotie away.

After that, Taotie cried out, interrupting the warming atmosphere between the couple.

“Why did you kick me again” Taotie pouted.

Ever since he met Vermilion Bird, he had been abusing him for no reason.

He did not do anything just now.

“I am happy, bite me!” Vermilion Bird unhappily snorted.

No one knew Shen Yanxiaos feelings better than him.

The mental link between him and Shen Yanxiao allowed him to clearly feel the joy and happiness in her heart.


Vermilion Bird was unhappy!

There was another person who wanted to snatch his master.

What was more hateful was that!

Moreover, this guy was too strong!

He could not defeat him!

Vermilion Bird was filled with resentment.

Shen Yanxiao stood up from Xius embrace with a flushed face.

The shyness in her eyes was no longer there.

However, when she stood up, she noticed that the feeling on her body was very intriguing.

There seemed to be a huge surge of energy in her body.

“Why do I feel weird” Shen Yanxiao asked Xiu.

Xiu rubbed her head and said, “You signed a contract with Taotie, and his strength helped you break through the sixth seal.

Right now, theres only the last remaining seal left on your body.”


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