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Chapter 1420: Shen Yanxiaos Plan (2)

“If you really want to take him away, then you have to find him a master.

Taotie is an unorganized beast.

So if you bring him back to the Brilliance Continent right now, with his current personality, he will soon become a target for humans.

Taotie will not care about the reactions of those humans, and sooner or later, he will cause a disaster.” Xiu reminded Shen Yanxiao that the destructive power of this little boy was not as adorable as he looked.

“Hehe, Ive already thought of that.” A crafty smile flashed past Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

“Hasnt Xiao Fengs magical beast always been missing I think Taotie is just right.”

She originally intended to find a mythical-level magical beast for Lan Fengli; it would be even better if she could bring a holy beast back.

“I just dont know how to convince Taotie to acknowledge him as his master.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

The little foodie did not seem to have a high IQ, and Lan Fengli did not seem like a master that would abuse magical beasts.

Therefore, she felt that they were suitable for each other.

“As far as I know, none of the nine sons of the Dragon God has signed a contract with a human.” Xiu had to crack down on Shen Yanxiaos fantasy.

Taotie and his eight brothers could be said to be the group of magical beasts that gave humans the greatest headache.

Not only were they powerful, but all of them had strange personalities and were incapable of cooperating with humans.

The majority of them could even be said to be a huge scourge that caused no lack of troubles for humans.

However, for the past hundred years, the dragon sons had been well-behaved and did not come out to cause trouble.

“Ill talk to Taotie!” Shen Yanxiao decided to try and fool him.

Taotie, who was constantly eating, blinked his eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao who suddenly walked towards him.

He obediently grabbed the messy food piled up in front of him and used his small claws to push it away.

He emptied the space in front of him, giving Shen Yanxiao a clean seat.

Shen Yanxiao smiled as she looked at Taoties considerate actions.

“Taotie, I have something to tell you,” Shen Yanxiao crouched down before him and said with a straight face.

“What” Taotie swallowed the food in his mouth and asked.

“Ill be leaving in a few months.

After I leave, I wont be able to send you anything to eat.” Shen Yanxiao revealed a helpless expression.

Taotie was struck dumb…

His master would be leaving soon

Leaving soon…


“Boohoo! Dont go! Im very obedient.

Ill do whatever you want me to do.

I wont cause trouble for you.

I wont cause trouble again.

I wont cause trouble for you.

Dont go… Boohoo… I cant shout anymore.

Please dont go…” Taotie pulled on Shen Yanxiaos clothes and wept.

His fair face was covered with tears, and his big eyes were filled with fear.

“I… I will eat less in the future.

I know you elves have to pay for food.

I will eat less.

I will save some food… Dont leave me alone.

If you leave… no one will feed me anymore.

I will really starve to death,” At the thought that he had been starved for more than a hundred years, an unprecedented fear immediately drowned Taotie.

It was not afraid of darkness, or loneliness.

But once Shen Yanxiao left, no one would give him anything to eat.

By then, he would fall into endless despair again.

Taotie was afraid.

He was really afraid.

He had never been so afraid of losing anything.

Right now, he knew that he would be afraid.

Afraid of losing his food and his owner.


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