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Chapter 1412: Dignity of a Foodie (2)


The Tree of Life was the plant with the most vigorous vitality in the world.

Even a torrential storm could not harm it in the slightest.

Moreover, the elves had been carefully taking care of the Tree of Life.

How could it possibly wilt

Could it be pollution

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

“Taotie, do you know the characteristics of those withered parts”

Taotie shook his head.

In his world, there were only things that could be eaten and those that could not be eaten.

He would not pay attention to anything else other than delicious food and poor tasting food.

If she were to ask Taotie again, she might not be able to get anything out of him.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao did not try to ask anything else.

After that, Shen Yanxiao watched as Taotie continued to eat and eat…

She doubted that the hundred thousand demonic cores in her space ring would be enough for Taotie to eat for two days.

Shen Yanxiao propped her head and looked at Taotie.

The rumored ferocious beast was not as terrifying as he was rumored to be.

Taoties thoughts were very simple.

He just wanted to eat.

As long as he was not disturbed, he would not lift his eyes even if the world was destroyed.

The reason why Vermilion Bird started a war with Taotie was because Taotie had eaten many humans in the Brilliance Continent during that period of time, causing panic among humans.

Therefore, Vermilion Birds previous master, Shen Yanxiaos ancestor, had brought Vermilion Bird to suppress Taotie.

There was no concept that humans could not be eaten in Taoties mind.

As he was too huge in his beast form, he wouldaccidentally devour the passing humans when he ate.

Therefore, he did not realize that he had eaten many humans.

As a result, when he was chased by Vermilion Bird, he felt that he was innocent.

He had no idea why Vermilion Bird wanted to fight with him and caused him to be unable to eat well.

“Xiu, isnt this Taotie too… naive” Shen Yanxiao looked at the hopeless Taotie and asked Xiu.

“Taotie is the most special one among the nine sons of the Dragon God.

He is in two different states before and after he is full.

Right now, you think he is an idiot because he has been hungry for a long time.

His hunger prevents him from thinking about anything.

Once he is full, what you have to face is not the little guy in front of you, but the human form you first saw.” As a god, Xiu was no stranger to the Dragon God.

He could sense Shen Yanxiaos relaxed attitude towards Taotie, but he did not wish for Shen Yanxiao to underestimate the threat he posed.

“Two states What do you mean”

“The main reason why Taotie eats all day long is his stomach.

If his stomach does not feel a trace of satisfaction, then all his strength and thinking abilities will revolve around eating.

He is not stupid, but he uses all his wisdom to search for food.

Once he is full, then he will be the real Taotie.

Just like what the Vermilion Bird said, the real Taotie in his holy form is invincible even against the eight mythical beasts of Sun Never Sets.” It might be cute, but feeding it was dangerous.

“It can still eat its fill” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Taoties stomach was simply a bottomless pit, so she doubted if he could ever eat his fill.

“On one hand, Taotie eats to satisfy his appetite, and on the other hand, he eats to absorb strength.

Among all the magical beasts, he is the only one that can devour other powers for his own use” Xiu lightly said.


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