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Chapter 1346: Battle Arena (2)

This undoubtedly made them feel like trash.

However, this little girl was competing against an adult elf…

If Shen Yanxiao was not crazy, then they were crazy.

The edge of the stage was surrounded by elves who wanted to watch a good show.

Elves were not a race that liked to join in the fun, but the two contestants on the stage were too weird.

Not to mention the contrast between the adult and the child, they were both from the Silvermoon Guards.

Even the calmest elf would want to have a look.

Duan Xue quietly departed after Shen Yanxiao and the rest left.

When she returned to the city lords mansion, she was not discovered.

However, when she passed by the main hall, she saw Duan Yuan sitting there with a gloomy expression.

“Father” Duan Xue softly called out.

“Xiao Xue, do you remember Yan Xiao” Duan Yuan asked.

Duan Xue nodded.

“Alas, I dont know what exactly happened between her and Shui Miao.

You may not know this, but Shui Miao is considered one of the best in the Silvermoon Guards.

Yan Xiao has just passed the selection test.

I dont think this is a good idea.” Duan Yuan was somewhat vexed.

Even though he did not know about the wager between Shen Yanxiao and Shui Miao, he did not wish to see thatobedientandconsiderate little kid getting beaten up by Shui Miao.

Duan Xue did not speak and merely sat quietly by Duan Yuans side.

On the stage, Shui Miao looked at Shen Yanxiao who stood before him with a malicious smile in his eyes.

“You competed with Shui Ling in archery back then.

In that case, lets compete in archery today.” Shui Miao sneered.

He would not kill Shen Yanxiao.

He would only let her feel the pain of her brother.

Letting her live and stay on the Moonlight Coast forever was the greatest punishment.

There was no future, no hope.

They would die of old age on that barren coast.

It was Shui Miaos wish to destroy Shen Yanxiaos future.

“Sure.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She had nothing to reject.

She did not know much about Shui Miaos strength, but since he could enter the Silvermoon Guards, his strength must not be weak.

Even though Shen Yanxiao appeared relaxed on the surface, if one were to look closely, they would notice that she was on guard.

She did not want to lose.

It was not just a mentality, but a fact.

Underestimating the enemy was always a taboo in the army.

Shen Yanxiao took out the golden bow from her interspatial ring.

This bow was given to her by Lan Si, and the reason she chose Lan Sis bow as her weapon was because of Clemance.

This bow was called Golden Flames.

The Clemance was made by Lan Si, so Shen Yanxiao was more familiar with the bows he made.

Every blacksmith had their own habits when forging weapons.

When Shui Miao saw Golden Flames in Shen Yanxiaos hand, his eyes narrowed.

With his keen eyesight, it was not difficult for him to see that the bow in Shen Yanxiaos hand was not a simple bow.

No matter which city in the Moon God Continent, it was a top-grade bow.

Thinking of Shen Yanxiaos Moonlight Tribe, Shui Miao sneered.

This little girl was merely lucky to obtain Elder Yues favor.

Otherwise, with her strength, she did not deserve to enter the Moonlight Tribe.

She did not deserve the gifts of those great masters of the Moonlight Tribe.

They were not things she should have.

Shui Miao immediately took out his bow.

Shui Miaos bow was also a golden bow, but it was different from Shen Yanxiaos simple bow.

Shui Miaos bow was embedded with dazzling green gems.


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