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“What do you mean” Cao Xu did not expect that Li Xiang would refuse his command.

Other than the beautiful Qian Shanni, the rest of them were among the top students in their respective divisions.

Even though Li Xiang was also quite capable, Cao Xu would have never settled for the second-best in a division if the number one genius of the Magus Division were not that hard to approach.

Cao Xu thought that he had given Li Xiang face when he allowed for his service to the team.

“Why dont you have some team spirit Since we are now in the middle of a test, we cant guarantee that the other teams will not attack us.

Do you want all of those good-for-nothing to take advantage of this situation and steal all of our things while we sleep” Meng Yiheng frowned as he berated Li Xiang.

He and Cao Xu had the same train of thoughts.

They thought that they were powerful, and they only brought Qian Shanni with them because of her beautiful appearance.

They believed that Li Xiang was a burden to them, and thus, he had to be responsible for all the trivial tasks in the group.

“Why would I want that However, I should not have to bear the burden of night watch alone.

I have also drunk the suppression potion!” Li Xiang felt suffocated with their blame game.

Everyone had the responsibility to keep the night watch and yet, Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng meant for him to do that alone.

“You did drink it, but your strength is not as strong as ours.

Even if you did take the suppression potion, the effect would not be as severe as ours.” Cao Xu frowned.

He was used to people obeying his command, as it was the norm in the Swordsman Division.

He was quite dissatisfied with Li Xiang, who tried to push the task away.

“…” Li Xiang discreetly gnashed his teeth.

Even though he was not the top student in the Magus Division, but that was because their division was twice the size of the other divisions.

Furthermore, there was Qi Xia, that crazy genius, at the top of the chain.

If he were in any other divisions, his strength alone would undoubtedly allow him to be placed among the top three positions.

However, the way Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng talked to him made it seemed as if he was nothing but trash.

“In any case, I will not agree.

If you want us to keep watch, then we will have to take turns doing it.” He had had enough of his arrogant teammates.

Li Xiangs unyielding attitude caused Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng to be extremely unhappy.

Even the silent Shangguan Xiao furrowed his eyebrows.

With the bright moon hung up high above, they started to feel sleepy as they sat next to the warm fire, but no one dared to fall asleep rashly.

After all, the class allocation test was crucial to them, and they did not wish for someone to take advantage of them as they slept.

“You guys havent finished discussing” As the only female in their team, she received the most care and concern from her teammates.

At that moment, she was very sleepy but had no choice but to accompany those four stubborn people as they continued the meaningless dispute between them.

Qian Shanni was the teams goddess, and since she had spoken up, the rest of them felt somewhat embarrassed.

Even so, Li Xiang was determined, and it angered Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng to the extent that they almost wanted to hold him down to give him a good beating.

Shangguan Xiao could no longer tolerate the situation and said, “Stop fighting.

I have a few Quagmire potions with me, and I will use it at the entrance while we sleep in the cave.

Even if someone wanted to launch a sneak attack, they would be trapped.”

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