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Chapter 1287: Silvermoon Guards Selection Exam (4)

On the other side, the elf responsible for the selection of the Silvermoon Guards did not receive any response.

He frowned and asked Qie Er.

“Has anyone not arrived yet”

Qie Er came back to his senses.

Shen Yanxiaos control over him forced him to prioritize her interests no matter what.

“Theres another elf, but she told me yesterday that shes not feeling well, though she should be participating today.

Why dont you start first As long as she arrives before the end of the test, itll be fine.” Qie Er found an excuse for Shen Yanxiao.

He had already decided to immediately look for her once the test began.

As long as she arrived before the end of the test, Shen Yanxiao could still participate in the Silvermoon Guards selection.

“Alright then.” The Silvermoon Guards nodded reluctantly and instructed the other elves to start the test.

The selection test for the Silvermoon Guards was very strict, and it was divided into six categories.

Rank evaluation, temperament evaluation, will evaluation, actual combat evaluation, acute evaluation and herbalism evaluation.

The Silvermoon Guards were deemed as guards, but in fact, they were a group that gathered all the elites of the elves.

Only the elves who had reached the peak in all aspects had the qualifications to enter.

In fact, more than a year ago, there were only three categories for the Silvermoon Guards selection test: rank evaluation, actual combat evaluation, and acute evaluation.

The temperament evaluation, willpower evaluation and herbalism evaluation were all added in recent years.

The number of tests had doubled.

It could be seen how difficult it was.

The elves did not know the reason for the increase in the test and could only follow the rules.

The first thing to be measured was the rank.

Even though elves were divided into five levels, there were three levels above the black level.

Primary, intermediate and advanced.

All the black elves living in the black-level cities were in fact, junior black elves.

However, if she wanted to enter the advanced training camp, she had to advance to the advanced level.

The elves underwent the first test in unison.

The results of their training in the Pure Spirit Tower were about to be revealed.

However, in the first round, ten of the twenty plus elves who had yet to reach the level of an advanced elf had been eliminated…

Half a year of training and the constant supply of life force from the Pure Spirit Tower was insufficient to lead them into the advanced realm.

Ten examinees were eliminated, and that was only the first round.

Next was the second test of will.

The test of will was conducted in a temporary shed.

Every elf would secretly undergo a separate test after they entered the shed.

When almost every elf came out from the shed, their faces were pale to the extreme, as if they had encountered something terrible.

Some were even carried out by the Silvermoon Guards…

After the second test, there were seven elves left.

Three-fourths of the examinees were eliminated in the two tests.

The elimination rate was indeed shocking.

Those elves finally understood why none of the previous elves had passed the selection.

In the face of such abnormal tests, how many elves could complete it

The first two tests were already terrifying, but there were still four more!

The original three tests were already difficult enough and now, it had been increased to six.

Did the Silvermoon Guards want to choose a new member or not

Did they come here to play with them on purpose

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