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Chapter 1265: Holding Hands (3)

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It turned out that the impure one was not Xiu, but her…

Shen Yanxiao really wanted to cry.

She really wanted to cry because of her own stupidity.


To prevent herself from embarrassing herself further, she decisively sat down cross-legged.

Xiu lifted his clothes and elegantly sat opposite Shen Yanxiao.

The two of them sat cross-legged, but in order to make it easier for them to “hold hands”, they sat very close to each other.

Shen Yanxiaos knees were pressed against Xius knees.

Through her clothes, she could clearly feel the chill coming from Xius body, but this chill not only did not make her feel cold, but instead made her whole body heat up into a boil.

“Hands.” Xiu stared at Shen Yanxiao, who had her head buried in her chest.

Almost every time he looked at her, Shen Yanxiao got more and more stupid and adorable.

“Oh…” Shen Yanxiao obediently handed one of her hands to Xiu, while her other hand held the dark crystal in front of her.

His cold hand gently clenched her warm little hand, and his slender fingers intertwined with her fair fingers.

Cold and heat touched, bringing each others warmth.

This was the first time that Xiu and Shen Yanxiao got into such close contact.

Although the two of them had the occasional physical contact before, it was very brief.

But now, their hands would be tightly clasped together for a long time.

Shen Yanxiao did not dare to look up, because once she did, she would see Xiu.

She had always known that he was very good-looking, and that he was a hundred times better-looking than everyone she had seen in her past and present life.

But somehow, as she met Xiu more often, she didnt dare to look at that good-looking face.

“Xiu, call me once every night.

I want to contact Vermillion Bird.” Her brain was still functioning at the moment.

Shen Yanxiao still remembered that there was a stupid mythical beast outside the advanced training camp that could explode at any time.

This time, she did not dare to leave Vermillion Bird alone for a few days like last time.

God knew that she spent an entire day and night just stroking the fur of a certain mythical beast.

“Okay.” Xiu decisively agreed.

“Then I will start to cultivate.” Shen Yanxiao still did not dare to raise her head.

After saying this, she immediately closed her eyes and raised her head slightly.

In any case, she wouldnt be able to see him if she closed her eyes!

However, Shen Yanxiao soon realized how childish her thoughts were!

She closed her eyes and closed off her vision, making her sense of touch even more sensitive.

Just by relying on their knees being together and holding hands, Xius existence was transmitted to Shen Yanxiaos soul.

A minute chill entered Shen Yanxiaos heart, touching her heart lake that had never stirred up any waves before.

It was so quiet that she could hear her own heartbeat.

There was a subtle feeling coming from the place where the two people came into contact.

This feeling made Shen Yanxiao unable to calm down and cultivate.

She felt that her whole person was not in a good state.

She was really here to cultivate.

She was really not here to tease Xiu!

Calm down! Calm down! She had to calm down!

Shen Yanxiao tried hard to suppress the subtle emotions in her heart so that she would not care about the subtle heat on her knees and hands.

She focused her attention on her source of life and tried to absorb the power in the Pure Spirit Tower.

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