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Chapter 1242: Forging the Purple Baron (1)

After going back and settling An Ran down, Shen Yanxiao began to feel depressed.

She took the Purple Baron and An Rans red longbow before running outside the tree house, sighing at the glowing sunset.

If the battle energy of humans could not be used on the bows made by elves, it would definitely be a major blow to her get-rich plan!

Didnt they say that she would make a huge profit Please dont cheat me!

In order to verify whether her assumption was correct, Shen Yanxiao flowed her human battle aura to the red longbow and shot an arrow at the tree trunk on the side.

The arrow went straight into the tree trunk.

“Wait, isnt this usable” Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes.

The bows and arrows of elves could accept battle aura, but the power of the magic nucleus was a bit smaller.

But why couldnt her Purple Baron accept the power of her source of life

‘You forgot something. A slightly cold voice sounded in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

“What is it” Shen Yanxiao asked.

‘ The Purple Baron has a crystal nucleus embedded in it, and that crystal nucleus comes from a demon.

The crystal nucleus of the demon contains the corrosive dark elements of demons, but the source of life of elves represents light and growth.

Hence, the reason why Purple Baron cannot accept your source of life is because the dark elements in the crystal nucleus and the source of life have collided and canceled out each others power. Xiu explained.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was silent.

She hoped that Xius conclusion was correct.

She immediately took out her Purple Baron and looked at the crystal cores on it carefully.

Each crystal nucleus was covered with some tiny patterns.

If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to see them.

The damage of the crystal nucleus was most likely due to the collision with the power of the source of life, indirectly proving that Xius speculation was correct.

“Then Im relieved.” Shen Yanxiao breathed a sigh of relief.

“Doesnt that mean that when I am an elf, I cant use the Purple Baron” Shen Yanxiao felt somewhat regretful.

The Purple Baron was her first bow.

She had used it for a long time, and it had been quite handy.

Even though there was the red bow to replace it now, she always felt that it was still lacking in some feeling and was not as smooth as the Purple Baron.

‘If you really like the Purple Baron, you can ask the elven craftsmen to help you reforge it.

The elven craftsmen have high attainments in bow-making so they should have a way.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin and her eyes flashed with a smile.

The advanced training camp was usually closed.

It would only be opened if new recruits entered or if recruits had reached the end of their training period.

The elves here could not leave this place at any other time.

However, this was only for the case of ordinary elves.

For Shen Yanxiao, a Godly Thief who dared to go anywhere in the sky and earth, it was not difficult to slip out of the advanced training camp.

Since she came back early today, Shen Yanxiao wished to reforge Purple Baron as soon as possible.

Thus, she immediately left.

The security of the advanced training camp was very tight, but for Shen Yanxiao, who could freely enter and exit the treasury of the Longxuan Empire, that little bit of security was just decorations.

Without much effort, Shen Yanxiao slipped out of the advanced training camp and into a black-level city.

After dusk, night fell.

Shen Yanxiao, wearing a brown cloak, walked on the street of the black-level city, Wind City.

The prosperity of this black-level city was even greater than that of Jadeite City.

Although it was night time, the light-congealing crystals on both sides of the street were still bright, and many elves were strolling on the street.


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