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Chapter 1232: Deliberately Making Things Difficult (5)

She could not find An Rans location so she could only rely on Xius perception.

Fortunately, although the advanced training ground was large, it did not exceed the range of Xius perception.

Moreover, Xiu had come into contact with An Ran before, so he should be very familiar with An Rans aura.

‘This will take some time. Xiu did not refuse, but elves were different from humans.

The auras of elves were very similar.

It was not as simple to lock onto one of them among so many elves as it was to find a human.

“Its okay.

You can look around first.

Ill go around and take a look.” Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

In her mind, she gradually noticed that something was wrong with An Ran during this period of time.

Ever since she entered the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, she felt that An Rans expression was a little too tired.

She had asked him many times before, but An Ran had just brushed her off.

She should have realized how tired An Ran, who was left alone on the first floor, was when he faced those elves who were full of hostility toward him.

Shui Lings actions today were definitely not a coincidence.

Presumably, An Rans strange behavior during those days was also related to Shui Ling and the others.

“Damn it, I should have noticed it earlier.” Shen Yanxiao angrily cursed.

She did not want anything to happen to An Ran.

An Ran was one of the few people she had come into contact with who still retained the characteristics of an elf.

Moreover, in this place, An Ran belonged to the Moonshine Tribe.

She did not want any accident to happen to the elves of her maternal family under her nose.

After Shen Yanxiao left, the two elves were greatly relieved.

They remembered the look in Shen Yanxiaos eyes and still felt somewhat horrified.

“Did you tell Yan Xiao” Qie Ers voice suddenly came from behind them.

The two elves immediately turned around and looked at Qie Er who was standing at the entrance of the Pure Spirit Tower.

“Yes, according to your instructions, we told her everything,” the two elves immediately answered.

“Very good, you can go back and continue to cultivate.” Qie Er nodded with satisfaction and slowly walked out of the Pure Spirit Tower.

“But… Qie Er, why did you ask us to come out and tell Yan Xiao about An Ran” The two elves did not come out by themselves after cultivating to the limit.

They were suddenly called over by Qie Er to leave the Pure Spirit Tower temporarily and “inform” Shen Yanxiao who was outside.

They did not understand what Qie Er wanted to do.

However, when An Ran was dragged away by Shui Ling, Qie Er was clearly present, but he didnt say a word and coldly watched from the side.

But why were they now telling Shen Yanxiao that An Ran had been taken away

If he wanted to interfere, shouldnt he have done so earlier

As long as Qie Er said one word, Shui Ling and others would not be so arrogant.

But Qie Er acquiesced to all of this.

He watched expressionlessly as An Rans life was made difficult by Shui Ling and the others.

He also watched on indifferently as An Ran struggled and was dragged out of the Pure Spirit Tower by Shui Ling and the others.

From the beginning to the end, he did not stop them at all.

“You dont need to know this.

Just continue to train.” Qie Er coldly glanced at the two elves whose faces were full of doubt and did not explain further.

The two elves shrank their necks and no longer dared to ask anything.

They could only obediently return to the Pure Spirit Tower to continue cultivating.

Qie Er stood in front of the Pure Spirit Tower and looked at the petite figure that had yet to leave his sight.

The corner of his mouth evoked a nasty smile.

“Yan Xiao, if you see it, what will you do Im really looking forward to it.”

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