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Chapter 1221: Betrayal of the Past (1)

Shen Yanxiao had changed from a low-level elf with unknown origins to a hero.

Such an elf should not be associated with the traitors of the Moonshine Tribe.

Shui Ling had a “Im doing this for your own good” expression.

An Rans expression instantly changed.

His hands that were hanging by his side clenched into fists.

In the end, he just lowered his head and bit his lips without saying a word.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly.

“Who I associate with, what does it have to do with you” Shen Yanxiao asked impolitely.

Shui Ling was slightly stunned.

He did not expect Shen Yanxiao to answer like this, and this caused his expression to be somewhat unnatural.

“Yan Xiao, you are still too young; there are still many things you dont know.

Dont think that all the elves are good.

The elves of the Moonshine Tribe colluded with humans and committed a huge mistake in Moonshine City.

They were demoted by the Elf King and were expelled from a black-level city.

All the elves know about this.

They betrayed the Elf King and joined forces with humans.

Being with such a traitor will only disgrace the reputation of your Moonlight Tribe.”

Shui Ling had thought that Shen Yanxiao wasnt aware of the matters of the Moonshine Tribe.

It was probably due to her young age that she would walk with An Ran, so hekindly reminded her.

Shui Lings words were like sharp blades, mercilessly cutting into An Rans heart.

An Rans clenched fists were already faintly trembling.

“Colluding with humans Making a big mistake in Moonshine City What do you mean” Shen Yanxiao had always known that the Moonshine Tribe was punished, but she did not know the reason why.

Shui Ling let out a soft laugh, seemingly expecting this answer.

“Yan Xiao, you really dont know This is a big scandal for elves.

The previous leader of the Moonshine Tribe had an affair with a human and gave birth to a child.

However, the child was born with the appearance of an elf, so the elves of the Moonshine Tribe hid this matter.

Not only did they hide the fact that the child was mixed-race, they even shamelessly sent her to the Elf King to become the Saintess that guarded the Tree of Life.

Just when the Elf King was about to form an alliance with the Saintess, they discovered that the Saintess was actually a mixed-race with human blood.

The Moonshine Tribe lied to the Elf King, so their crime was unforgivable.

But the Elf King was tolerant and forgave them.

He only expelled the mixed-race from the Moon God Continent.”

Shui Lings words made the blood on An Rans face fade away.

It was obvious that everything he said was the truth.

Among the elves, the highest-ranking female elves would be chosen from the highest-ranking tribes to be sent to Moonshine City to protect the Tree of Life.

The partners of each Elf King would also be chosen from these saintesses.

It could be said that in the world of elves, besides the Elf King, the status of the Holy Maiden guarding the Tree of Life was the highest.

However, this high and mighty Holy Maiden was actually a mixed-blood.

One could imagine how unbelievable this matter was to the elves.

Shui Ling sneered and looked at An Ran.

“This matter was supposed to end here, but I didnt expect that a few years ago, that mixed-blood suddenly returned to the Moon God Continent and sneaked into the Moonshine City with a human without anyone noticing.

It caused a great disturbance in Moonshine City and almost hurt the Tree of Life.

All of this was done with the help of the Moonshine Tribe.

Do you think that this kind of elf who colluded with humans is anything good They are simply traitors to the elves!”


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