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Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

She always had the impression that Tang Nazhi was a passionate young man with dreams and aspirations.

However, she discovered that he was also a pervert!

‘Are you drooling just by looking at a senior from the Priest Division Enough, please!

Tang Nazhi shook his head and stared at Shen Yanxiaos frail little physique when he did not get any reaction from her.

“You are still too young.

You do not understand the world of adults! When you are older, I will bring you around to experience the world of sensual pleasures, and feel the gentleness of the beauties…”

Before Tang Nazhi could finish his sentences, Shen Yanxiao had already slapped the hand that he had on her shoulder.

One might even get pregnant if one held hands with such pervert!

Shen Yanxiao was not interested in any beauties.

Even though Qian Shanni looked delicate and charming, Shen Yanxiao thought that she was absolutely prettier than her if she gave herself a good wash and wiped away the paint on her face.

If she wanted to, she could hug the mirror every day to drool over her appearance.

Shen Yanxiao then discovered a few familiar-looking faces among the crowd, but a group of people surrounded them.

She pointed at Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi, and asked, “Why are those people surrounding them”

Tang Nazhi shot them a glance before he clicked his tongue.

“Why else Those group of idiots are delusional, and wanted to depend on someone powerful that is out of their league.

Even though those three are irritating, everyone knows how powerful they are.

Those students from their respective divisions would naturally want to get on their good side in case they could get some help from them during the class allocation test.”

Shen Yanxiao looked at the scene and saw a few beauties with gorgeous appearance and curvy figure from various divisions who practically threw themselves at those three.

Some of them even stuck out the two lumps of meat on their chest to rub against their arms.

The welfare of a super scholar!

Soon after, she noticed another group of people who had surrounded a few other youths.

“Who is he” Shen Yanxiao pointed toward an arrogant young man with an archer badge pinned on his chest.

“The boss of the Archer Division, Meng Yiheng.

A moron who thinks he is the number one in the world.” Tang Nazhi snorted.

“What about him” Shen Yanxiao pointed to another young man that was crowded around by second and third-year seniors of the Herbalist Division.

“The number one in our division, Shangguan Xiao.

A pervert with a severe case of mysophobia.”

“What about him”

“The current most outstanding talent in the Knight Division, Cao Xu.

He could not have claimed the number one spot if there were more people in that division.” One could hear the disdain in Tang Nazhis voice as he described Cao Xu.

Shen Yanxiao knew that Tang Nazhi was arrogant at times, but he only ridiculed Meng Yiheng and Shangguan Xiao in one or two sentences.

However, it seemed like he had nothing but open contempt and disdain for Cao Xu.

Shen Yanxiao guessed that there had to be something complicated between those two.

“I do wonder about the contents of this test.

In the previous years, the class allocation tests were conducted independently within the divisions.

However, it seemed like they are doing it differently this year.” Tang Nazhi continued to look around him.

Alas, other than the beauties, nothing else caught his attention.

“What rumors have you heard” She did not know why, but Shen Yanxiao had always thought that Tang Nazhi was pretty well-informed about the academys inside scoop.

“Just a little one.

I heard that they are expecting the students from various divisions to collaborate.

I wonder if they have had a brain fart.

We all know that different professions have different specialties.

They had even gathered students from all six divisions.

Did they think that we are a stew that you can just mix everything together” Tang Nazhi groaned.

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