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Chapter 1180: Moonshine Trading House (8)

Even though Shen Yanxiao had already entered into an agreement to let the two elves from the Moonshine Trading House to sell these gems for her, but with the current number of gems she had, probably the whole Jadeite City wouldnt be able to gather enough funds to purchase them.

To solve this problem Shen Yanxiao had put Vermilion Bird as her stand-in.

Vermilion Bird was a magical beast, and the barriers surrounding the city were ineffective against magical beasts.

Therefore, Vermilion Bird could freely enter and exit every city except Moonshine City.

Shen Yanxiao wanted Vermilion Bird to get in touch with the elves in the Moonshine Trading House.

During the half a year she would be in the advanced training camp, Vermilion Bird would help her travel around to other white and black-level cities and purchase potions and bows for her.

As a bonafide elf, Shen Yanxiao did intend to fully abuse her identity to buy finished products, not those raw materials.

The elves craftsmanship of bows and arrows and the production of potions were among the best.

With that fact in mind, it would be dumb not to purchase finished products from the Moon God Continent.

Though, Shen Yanxiao would still purchase some raw materials at some point to bring them back to Sun Never Sets to create staffs.

With the Qilin Familys merchant ship coming every three months, Shen Yanxiao would miss twice their visits, as she would enter the advanced training camp opportunity.

So, during this period of time while she was gone, Vermilion Bird would have to appear before them and contact them for her.

Additionally, with the two interspatial rings Shen Yanxiao would leave for Vermilion Bird, he would be able to transport those bows and potions he bought to Sun Never Sets easily.

With so many potions at hand, Shen Yanxiao would feel more at ease.

Vermilion Birds identity was the best cover.

Elves were guarded against humans but not to magical beasts, not to mention mythical beasts that could transform themselves.

Which human who possessed a mythical beast would come to the Moon God Continent to do business

In a way, Shen Yanxiao was a weirdo.

After she was done planning everything, Shen Yanxiao finally went to sleep early in the evening.

The next morning, she went to the Moonshine Trading House again.

Compared to the barren land yesterday, all the crystal cabinets in the shop were filled with various types of gems.

A few elves who came in due to curiosity were currently standing in front of a few crystal cabinets and deliberating.

When the white elf from yesterday saw Shen Yanxiao, he immediately came to welcome her.

“Customer, youre here.” The white elfs face was filled with sincere gratitude.

In just one morning, the Moonshine Trading House welcomed a large number of customers.

The first batch of gems had just been freshly bought, and they had just placed a new batch of gems on display when another batch of customers arrived.

“Is there a backyard” Shen Yanxiao asked.


Of the two elves, one stayed in front to take care of the business while the other brought Shen Yanxiao into the backyard.

Shen Yanxiao entered the backyard and took out five to six bags of gems without another word and threw them on the ground.

After suffering from yesterdays shock, the white elf was evidently much more desensitized.

“Sell these first.

Oh right, Ill be busy in the coming few days.

My friend might come and take a portion of the crystal coins to purchase some items in my stead…” Shen Yanxiao gave the white elf a notice of Vermillion Birds eventual arrival.

The white elf merely asked for Vermilion Birds characteristics before he agreed sincerely.

Shen Yanxiao immediately left after she was done giving them instructions.

While leaving, she also took away the profits from the gem sales this morning.

In a short span of a morning, Shen Yanxiao had earned 20000 crystal coins!

With these 20000 crystal coins in her pockets, Shen Yanxiao directly went to other trading houses and crazily bought dozens of bottles of Grandmaster potions and kept them in her interspatial ring.

However, something unexpected happened to Mo Yu…

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