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Chapter 1170: Jadeite City (1)

Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

Did everyone know that her Third Uncle was courting death

“I guess so,” Shen Yanxiao forcefully suppressed a forlorn sigh and said.

“Suit yourself.” Mo Yu did not say anything else.

He brought Shen Yanxiao into the yellow-level city and hired two griffins at the transfer point.

After he brought Shen Yanxiao on board, they immediately flew towards Jadeite City.

Griffins were the most common flying mount in the Moon God Continent.

Even though the surface area of the Moon God Continent was not as large as the Brilliance Continent, it would still take a long time to travel across cities.

With a flying mount, transportation would no longer be a problem.

Mo Yu and Shen Yanxiao were both wearing high-level badges.

Even if they were to pass through high-level cities, they would not be obstructed by the barrier above.

Overall, it was a smooth journey.

Shen Yanxiao, who was accustomed to riding on Vermilion Bird, felt that the speed of a griffin was not that fast.

With nothing better to do, she peered her head over the griffin to not miss the scenery along the way.

There were countless beautiful sceneries in the Moon God Continent.

In the high skies, everything on the ground could be seen; it was truly beautiful beyond imagination.

On the way, Shen Yanxiao and Mo Yu rested for a night in a red-level city.

On the third day, they finally arrived at Jadeite City, a white-level city!

Just like its name, Jadeite City was built with translucent green jade.

Compared to the simple architecture of Fragrant Night City, Jadeite City was incomparably luxurious.

Even the few emperors of the Brilliance Continent could hardly compare to this white-level city.

Elves had a natural advantage in the aesthetic world, so everywhere in the Jadeite City was exquisite.

The two griffins landed at the transfer point of Jadeite City.

And soon after, Shen Yanxiao and Mo Yu landed.

“Ill bring you to a place to stay first.

Then Ill handle the matter of you entering the advanced training camp.” Shen Yanxiao could be said to have skipped levels to enter the advanced training camp.

No matter how amazing her talent was, she was ultimately a cyan elf.

Even though Mo Yu could bring Shen Yanxiao to freely enter all the cities below the white level, there were many procedures to enter the advanced training camp located in a black-level city.

Not to mention that he only had one black badge, it was already somewhat difficult to convince the elves of the advanced training camp to accept Shen Yanxiao.

“Sure.” Shen Yanxiao was not long-winded.

Mo Yu found an inn in Jadeite City for Shen Yanxiao to stay in for the time being and told her that he would come to pick her up a week later.

During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao would be free to stroll around Jadeite City.

Mo Yu kindly informed Shen Yanxiao where Shen Jing was detained and threw over a hundred crystal coins to her before he left.

A hundred over crystal coins was considered a considerable amount of wealth for ordinary elves, but for Shen Yanxiao who squandered money like dirt…

It was not even enough to fill the gaps between her teeth.

After Mo Yu left, Shen Yanxiao did not leave the inn directly.

She sat on the bed and tried her best to stimulate her source of life.

There was only one black-level city between the white-level city and the Moonshine City where the Tree of Life was located, making the power of the Tree of Life here extremely abundant.

Shen Yanxiao impatiently absorbed the life force that permeated the air.

This surging feeling made the source of life in her body grow wildly as if it had gone crazy.

Just as Mo Yu guessed, Shen Yanxiaos absorption of life force had reached an unprecedented level!

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