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Chapter 1110: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (20)

This type of advanced spell that only a Great Archmagus could cast would instantly gather all the magical power of a Great Archmagus.

The destructive power of such a spell was incomparable to any advanced spell.

As long as Senior Brother Qian finished chanting, no matter how powerful the Phantom members were, they would not have any hopes of survival.

After casting this magic, the caster would be reduced to a cripple with no way of recovery.

Furthermore, the caster would also suffer from a backlash.

This was a fight to the death!

Yang Xi charged forward with absolute speed.

The three people Shen Yanxiao selected were Magus and Magic Archer with extremely low defense.

Once Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi closed in on them, the consequences could be imagined.

In front of them, the six mythical beasts started to harass them without giving them any chance to support their left side.

Furthermore, Lan Fengli, who had reached a certain level of savageness, was suppressing them.

It was already difficult for them to protect themselves, so how could they have the spare energy to care about others

Yang Xis charge instantly broke up the threes formation and Tang Nazhi followed suit.

The Shatter Cut directly swept across, not giving them any time to attack.

Shen Yanxiao had fought against Great Swordsman before and naturally, she knew how weak these long-range professionals were when they were in close combat.

In the face of Yang Xi and Tang Nazhis harassment, the three of them had no chance to fight back.

Even so, the Broken Star Palace did not back down.

They were well aware that Senior Brother Qians magic was their last hope.

If it was interrupted, then they would have no hope.

The Broken Star Palace and Phantom entered into another intense fight, and neither side was willing to give in.

Senior Brother Qians chants became faster and faster.

Just as he was about to finish chanting, the surrounding air was filled with dense magical power.

Shen Yanxiao frowned and stared at Senior Brother Qian.

Her several attempts to attack him had been interrupted by several long-range professionals from the Broken Star Palace.

If they wanted to stop him, they could only rush into the protective circle!

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and her petite figure suddenly hid behind Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi, waiting for an opportunity.

Senior Brother Qians chants were coming to an end.

He only needed a few more words before he could cast Life Struggle.

His malicious eyes swept across the Phantom members as he sinisterly thought that he would kill them here no matter what!

A few more seconds would suffice!

However, just as Senior Brother Qian chanted the last syllable, a petite figure suddenly leaped up from the front of the crowd.

Yang Xi abandoned his heavy shield and directly threw something into the sky.

Shen Yanxiao used the momentum and leaped over the heads of everyone from the Broken Star Palace!

The arrow was nocked on the bowstring.

The instant Shen Yanxiao was in the air, she released her fingers.

A silver light flashed past and flew straight towards Senior Brother Qian.

The Priest of the Broken Star Palace gave up protecting himself.

He quickly turned around and cast all the Holy Shields on Senior Brother Qian.

It was impossible for a Magic Archer to break the Sacred Shield of an Archpriest.

Almost everyone felt sorry for Shen Yanxiao.

The Phantom members were powerless to stop Senior Brother Qians chants.

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