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Chapter 1102: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (12)

The death of the Paladin represented the complete collapse of the Broken Star Palaces defenses.

Among the eight of them, the last Paladin was their last line of defense.

Lan Fengli advanced triumphantly, and his ten fingers suddenly stretched out and became incomparably sharp.

His fingernails that were sharper than daggers instantly slit the throats of the two swordsmen.

The wounds on the necks of the two swordsmen spat out hot blood, splattering all over Lan Fenglis body.

At that very moment, he was like an evil spirit from the blood pool of hell.

Just the sight of him made everyone tremble with fear.

Four out of the nine Second-Class Experts from the Broken Star Palace had died, and the remaining five were not Lan Fenglis opponents.

They were like arrows at the end of their flight as they retreated in fear under Lan Fenglis gaze.

They wanted to shout for Senior Brother Zhou to assist them, but the moment they turned back, they saw Shen Yanxiaos figure dashing above their heads like a ghost.

Currently, Vermilion Bird was attracting all of Senior Brother Zhous attention, and a chilly smile curled on Shen Yanxiaos lips as she shot an arrow towards Senior Brother Zhous back.

“Be careful!” The five Second-Class Experts of the Broken Star Palace shouted in unison.

The next second, Senior Brother Zhou dodged Vermilion Birds attack before dodging to the left in a sorry state, barely avoiding Shen Yanxiaos attack.

Just when everyone thought that Senior Brother Zhou was safe, a silver light flashed past their eyes.

In the blink of an eye, an arrow fiercely pierced through Senior Brother Zhous fragile neck.

Until that last second, Senior Brother Zhou did not realize what had happened.

He would never understand where that lethal arrow came from.

Senior Brother Zhou collapsed in a pool of blood, leaving the five of them in despair.

Shen Yanxiao landed back on the ground.

She aimed five arrows at the five shocked Second-Class Experts.

Behind them, Lan Fengli was approaching step by step.

Despair shrouded all of them.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that the mission would bring about such a calamity.

They were told that they were dealing with a recently promoted Magic Archer, so why…

They had lost a Great Swordsman and four Second-Class Experts

“Shen Yanxiao, you… do you really want to go against the Broken Star Palace” One of the Second-Class Experts looked at Shen Yanxiao in horror with a pale face.

At that moment, they no longer felt as invincible as they were when they came.

Their hearts were filled with fear.

Even if they were saying the same inditimating words, they were still trembling.

Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and tilted her head to look at the five experts who were like stray dogs.

“Its not that I want to go against you, but you wont let me go.

I wont retaliate unless Im provoked.

If you dont want to let me go, dont tell me I have to stretch my neck and wait for you to chop it off” She was someone who advocated peace.

“No! We have no intention of going against you! There must be some misunderstanding between us! The elders did not ask us to kill you, they merely wanted to warn you.

Its… its Senior Brother Zhou who harbored a grudge against you due to Ruan Yingzhes death.

Therefore, he wanted to kill you! The Elders of the Broken Star Palace… they really had no intention of killing you!” At this point, their dignity and demeanor as experts had been thrown to the back of their minds.

They only wanted to continue living, so they pushed all the blame to the deceased Senior Brother Zhou.

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