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Chapter 1099: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (9)

Elder Wen was asking about the agreement he had with Luo Fan.

After they took down Shen Yanxiao, Luo Fan would ask his people to nurture a group of experts for the Seventh Kingdom.


Elder Wen was rather surprised by the confirmation.

Even though Jun Mos name was renowned throughout the Brilliance Continent, it was only his achievements as a Herbalist.

As a famous Herbalist, it was unexpected that he could claim to be able to nurture a group of experts with different professions.

Elder Wen did not believe it at first, but after he saw that Luo Fan, who was originally a wastrel, had become an Advanced-level Professional, he finally believed it.

Now that he saw that Jun Mo had invited the Broken Star Palace to do his bidding, he was now even more convinced.

Elder Wen and Luo Fan were almost certain that Shen Yanxiao would meet a tragic end here.

Even with Vermilion Birds help, Senior Brother Zhou was steadily suppressing Shen Yanxiao.

On the other side, however, that mysterious young man was still going on strong.

There were eight Second-Class Experts working together to suppress him, but he was still fighting them on equal footing.

It was honestly shocking.

Shen Yanxiaos death was only a matter of time.

They did not believe that Shen Yanxiao could defeat Senior Brother Zhou.

The Swordsman profession could easily restrain an archers arrow in a narrow space.

“Shen Yanxiao, to think you would have such a day.” Luo Fan narrowed his eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao with hatred.

Only he knew how much he had to sacrifice in order to see this day.

However, as long as Shen Yanxiao died today, all his sacrifices would be worth it.

Shen Yanxiao was being pushed back by Senior Brother Zhou.

Vermilion Bird continued to attack him, but the effect was not obvious.

Vermilion Bird was burning with anxiety.

If not for the fact that his strength had been greatly reduced, he would even dare to fight against a Great Second-Class Expert alone.

But right now, he was not even able to protect Shen Yanxiao from harm—it simply a huge disgrace for Vermilion Bird.

Shen Yanxiao noticed Vermilion Birds internal turmoil and secretly gritted her teeth.

If she continued to be entangled with Senior Brother Zhou, not only would she be dragged into a bitter fight, but Vermilion Birds heart would continue to be in turmoil.

Shen Yanxiao was well aware that Vermilion Bird had always had a knot in his heart.

The fact that he could not return to his peak had always vexed Vermilion Bird to no end.

Shen Yanxiao had tried to find a method to recover Vermilion Birds strength, but Vermilion Bird had never been willing to talk about why his strength had regressed or what injuries he had suffered.

She did not want to drag Vermilion Bird into his grave for her fight.

Thus, breaking the status quo was extremely important to her!

Shen Yanxiao once again dodged Senior Brother Zhous sword.

The ground in front of her was covered with lacerations left behind by Senior Brother Zhous sword aura.

The cracked stone slab behind them had practically turned into diced vegetables.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips as she constantly pondered about ways to break the deadlock.

Ultimately, a thought flashed across her mind and her eyes that were initally filled with conflict were finally covered by a glint.

Senior Brother Zhou had been suppressing Shen Yanxiao, and with it came a sense of pleasure from taking revenge for his student.

Seeing that he just needed one more sword strike to end Shen Yanxiaos life, the smile on his face became increasingly hideous.

“Today, I will avenge Ruan Yingzhe.

Shen Yanxiao, die!” Senior Brother Zhou shouted and gave his all to slash at Shen Yanxiao.

However, the moment he slashed his sword, a strange scene happened…

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