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Chapter 109: Young Man, Lets Be Friends (2)

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Were they on a rush to send him more money!

The boss chuckled and reached out to lift the cup.

He was confident that he would get rich in just a single night.

However, he lost his smile the very next second.

The instant he lifted the cup, a pile of ashes appeared on the table.

The five dice in the cup had turned into powder.

According to the rules, it was counted as a zero, a small number!

“Tsk tsk.

This is quite troublesome, indeed.

How are the five of us to split one casino” Tang Nazhi, who had a darkened expression before that, suddenly leaned against the chair with a smile across his face.

His slightly raised eyebrows exuded arrogance.

The boss heart dropped, and he immediately thought,Damn it!

“Its an unfortunate thing for the boss to have lost the casino.

I presume we will not be able to decide a winner today, so we should compete again next time.” Yan Yu gently smiled and shook his head as his cold eyes flickered with a wicked smile.

“I think that is a great idea.” Yang Xi nodded and agreed to delay their contest.

Qi Xia stood up slowly on purpose, and then slightly moved forward.

He stretched out his slender fingers as he smiled and looked at the dumbstruck boss.

“I will have to trouble you to hand over the deed to this casino.”

What a shocking twist of event!

All the other students were dumbstruck as well.

Those young masters had lost all of their capital so how did they manage to turn the tables at the very last minute

The boss complexion was deathly white.

Unless he did not want to live, else how would he dare to owe debts to those from the five great aristocratic families

He could only obediently hand over the deeds to the casino.

He knew that he had changed the dice to a larger number before he revealed the results.

So how did those dice become a pile of ashes the moment he lifted the cup No matter how hard he thought about it, he could not understand what had happened.

The casino instantly changed owners, and the five newly-appointed bosses released an order to shut down the entire casino on the spot.

All of the students in the casino were chased out while the original staffs had also gone back to their respective families.

In the huge casino, only Shen Yanxiao, Qi Xia and the rest of them had remained.

Under Shen Yanxiaos puzzled gaze, Tang Nazhi picked up the three Xuantian Pearl that Yan Yu had taken out and then threw them into his mouth.

*Crunch* *Crunch*

It was crushed into pieces!!

If an outsider had witnessed that scene, their jaw would have probably dropped onto the floor from shock.

Tang Nanzhi had eaten the life-saving medicines that was worth a couple of cities as if they were candies!

His actions had also struck Shen Yanxiao speechless.

“Yang Xi, this is not as delicious as compared to the previous one.” Tang Nazhi criticized Yang Xi while he ate the miraculous life-saving medicines at the same time.

Yang Xi shot him a glance before he threw the tenth-grade magical core into his mouth.

After that…

*Crunch* *Crunch*

“I feel that the flavor is pretty good,” Yang Xi whispered.

There was only horror in Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

“Please do not scare our young friend here.” Yan Yu rolled his eyes at those two gluttons.

He smiled as he walked to Shen Yanxiaos side.

“Do not mind them.

What they ate was not the real items.

Those were only imitations made by Yang Xi.”


Shen Yanxiao looked at Yang Xis expressionless face in astonishment.

As a thief goddess, it was not a complicated matter for her to imitate a fake.

However, she could sense magic power from that magical core.

Could that also be imitated

“Ah Xis family makes metal scraps.

As long as it is something that he has seen, there is nothing that he cannot imitate.

Not only magical cores or a few Xuantian Pearls, but as long as he had sufficient materials, he could also make a tenth-grade magical core imitation perfectly.” As he noticed Shen Yanxiaos puzzled look, Tang Nazhi tried to explain to her.

“However, they can only be seen and not touched.”

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