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Chapter 1088: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (1)

In Twilight City, more than twenty men appeared outside the pavilion where those from Sun Never Sets stayed.

“Senior Brother Qian, isnt it too much of a bother for the Elders to mobilize so many people We are merely dealing with a group of insignificant kids so why are they mobilizing so many experts” One of the men looked at the pavilion in front of him with displeasure.

The man surnamed Qian slightly frowned.

“The Elders have instructed us to just do it.

Theres no need to question any further.”

“However, the opponent this time is only a group of ordinary kids and their men, but they have dispatched 33 Second-Class Experts and two Great Second-Class Experts.

Arent they overestimating Shen Yanxiao Senior Brother Zhou even brought nine Second-Class Experts with him.

Even if Shen Yanxiao has three heads and six arms, she is merely a little brat that has just broken through to the second class promotion.

I think Senior Brother Zhou is being too careful.

Cant he just beat Shen Yanxiao by himself”

There were many experts in the Broken Star Palace, and almost all the Second-Class Experts in the Brilliance Continent had been recruited by them.

With the exception of Ouyang Huanyu, those who had not been recruited by them were younglings that had just broken through to the second class promotion, so with a Great Second-Class Expert next to them, there was virtual nothing they had to worry about.

“Its better to be safe than sorry.” Senior Brother Qian said calmly, but there was a trace of discontent in his eyes.

“Right now, they are even asking Senior Brother Qian, a Second-Class Great Archmagus, to bring 24 Second-Class Experts to deal with some kids.

I wonder what the Elders are thinking.”

“Thats right.

Everyone below the second class promotion is merely an ant.

Theres no need for so many of us to mobilize.

We only need to send five people.”

The group of experts from the Broken Star Palace did not understand the mission.

They were all once influential figures in the Brilliance Continent but were later recruited by the Broken Star Palace.

So right now, the experts in the Brilliance Continent were their juniors and regardless of talent or strength, they could not be compared to them.

Killing a chicken with a butchers knife would naturally cause these experts to be dissatisfied.

“Its all because that Ruan Yingzhe being so useless.

He actually was killed outside.”

“A piece of trash like him should just die.” The group of people discussed fervently among themselves, not paying any heed to the people from Sun Never Sets.

In their opinion, even though there was news that there were six Second-Class Experts in Sun Never Sets, their numbers were too pathetic compared to the experts from the Broken Star Palace.

Furthermore, how could someone who had just become Second-Class Experts be compared to them who had entered such a realm for a long time Even if they were at the same level, the difference in experience accumulated over time was enough to insta-kill those newbies.

“Alright, lets go back as soon as were done.

Theres no need to waste time here.” Senior Brother Qian was also dissatisfied with the mission.

What made him even more dissatisfied was that when they came out, the Elders told them that their main objective was to just eliminate the people around Shen Yanxiao.

As for Shen Yanxiao herself, they needed to capture her alive.

As for the sinner that murdered a member of the Broken Star Palace, they wanted to spare her life.

Senior Brother Qian could not understand why, so he simply handed over the task of dealing with Shen Yanxiao to Senior Brother Zhou.

It had to be known that Senior Brother Zhou was the one who invited Ruan Yingzhe into the Broken Star Palace, and their relationship had always been good.

So, Ruan Yingzhes death had a huge impact on Senior Brother Zhou.

He believed that even with the Elders instructions, Senior Brother Zhou would probablyaccidentallykill Shen Yanxiao.

“Yes.” Everyone obeyed Senior Brother Qian and followed behind him.

However, when they entered the hall, they saw five handsome and extraordinary youths seated at the table.

All of them had a smile on their faces as they looked at the group of uninvited guests.

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