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Chapter 108: Young Man, Lets Be Friends (1)

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With the casino boss decision to personally oversee the game, everyone became a hundred and twenty percent more attentive.

Even customers from the other tables had paused their games as they decided to watch that shocking game instead.

Any random item on that table was enough for their family to squander the money for a few generations!

They would never have gotten the chance to see such rare and precious treasures in their life.

One could say that they had broadened their horizons that day.

The casino boss was a middle-aged man at about fifty years old.

He wore luxurious clothes that made him seemed quite affluent.

When he looked at the wealthy youngsters at the table, his heart silently rejoiced.

The game they were playing wasBig or Small, and the game that seemed as if it relied on luck was the one that required the most skill.

The casino boss had the best skills in the casino.

He knew of thousands of ways to trick the dice, and to deal with those brainless yet wealthy youngsters were as easy as one, two, three.

At that moment, the boss was delighted because he had the chance to reap the benefits as the five great families fought with each other.

It was similar to the idiom,The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.

‘Young lads, Ill be waiting right here for you to deliver the money to my pocket!

If the stakes were only gold coins, the boss might have gone easy on them out of consideration for the reputations of the five great aristocratic families.

However, those rare and precious treasures on the table were too attractive.

As long as he could reap the profits, he would close the casino and then escape without a trace.

Furthermore, he heard from his banker that those young masters gambling skills were simply non-existent.

The only skill they had was how to gift him with money.

“May I know how much you intend to bet” The boss was very excited.

It was as if he could foresee his future bright prospects as a wealthy man very soon.

The few young masters lazily leaned against their chairs.

It was as if they did not care about the stakes that they had placed on the table.

Tang Nazhi lost the most.

Otherwise, he would not have taken the tenth-grade magical core and used it as his stakes.

He looked at the others impatiently and then said to the boss, “Stop wasting time, one round to decide the winner!”

One round to decide the winner!!!

The boss could feel the wild beats of his heart.

He was confident that he could make those youths lose all of their stakes.

With only one round to decide the winner, did that not mean he could get all of those treasures in one go

‘Even the heavens are assisting me!

The other young masters did not object, and the game was decided just like that.

The boss magnificently showed his skills as the dice cup moved up and down in his hands.

The sounds that the dice made had knocked on everyones heart.

With a bang, the cup slammed onto the table.

“Please place your bets,” the boss said as he forcefully suppressed his excitement.

Tang Nazhi raised his eyebrows and looked at the rest of them.

Shen Yanxiao lost the least, and she still had a portion of gold coins in front of her.

At that moment, she calmly looked at the dice cup on the table with a faint smile on her lips.

Shen Yanxiao gave a little cough and said, “Shall I go first” She then stood up and put all of her gold to bet onSmall.

As Shen Yanxiao made her decision, the rest had also simultaneously placed their stakes onSmall.

Everyone was speechless.

Did they not oppose each other earlier on Why were they on the same track of mind after a short while

The boss was in high spirits.

The total number in the dice cup then was indeed a small figure, but that did not mean that they could win.

The trick for a dice game was the instant that he revealed the result.

Before he lifted the cup, any number in there was not valid.

As expected, those youths were ignorant amateurs to put all of their stakes on the same choice!

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