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Chapter 1079: Despicable Plan (3)

“Are you sure you can contact the Broken Star Palace Will they really take action” Elder Wen could no longer contain his excitement.

If the Broken Star Palace were to deal with Shen Yanxiao, even if she were to die thousands of times over, it wouldnt eb enough.

Luo Fan confidently curled his lips.

“Of course.

That is also the reason why I am staying behind in Twilight City.

At that time, as long as Elder Wen makes it convenient for me to let them into the city, Twilight City will not have to worry about anything.”

“Of course! How honorable are the experts of the Broken Star Palace My Twilight City will certainly treat them with respect.

But… if thats the case, then wouldnt I not have contributed much Our previous agreement…” After hearing the name of the Broken Star Palace, the arrogance on Elder Wens face disappeared.

He started to worry that if Twilight City did not contribute much, would Luo Fans promise to help him nurture a group of experts still stand

“Elder Wen, dont worry.

Since there is already an agreement between you and I, there wont be any variables.

As long as we get rid of those people by Shen Yanxiaos side, I will do as we say.” Luo Fan said.

Elder Wen immediately relaxed when he heard that.

“Then I shall wait for the arrival of the experts from the Broken Star Palace.”

“Elder Wen, just you wait and see.” Luo Fan answered with a smile, but a trace of sinister intent flashed past his eyes.

Duan Hen heard their conversation, and there was a trace of worry hidden in his eyes.

When night fell, everyone in Twilight City went to sleep early.

Duan Hen found Shen Yanxiao at the very first instance and told her everything Elder Wen and Luo Fan had discussed earlier.

“The Broken Star Palace I didnt expect Luo Fan to be able to contact them.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

She did not expect Luo Fan to be connected to the Broken Star Palace.

The reason why she was so eager to increase the strength of Sun Never Sets was because she was worried about the Broken Star Palaces retaliation.

Unfortunately, the enemies on both sides had joined hands.

“During these three days, Elder Wen has ordered everyone to increase their vigilance and not let anyone out of the city.

City Lord Shen, its better to make plans beforehand.” Duan Hen was worried for Shen Yanxiao.

She was the ally he had just found, and he did not wish for her to fall into the hands of the Broken Star Palace.

“I have my ways.

Thank you, City Lord Duan, for the information.

I, Shen Yanxiao, will remember this favor and I will repay it in the future.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

Duan Hens information was very important to her and if not for him, she would probably be kept in the dark.

Being passive at this moment would be dangerous for her.

“Its good that City Lord Shen has a solution, but I cant stay any longer.

Ill be taking my leave now.” After Duan Hen delivered the news, he stood up and left.

However, he already had a plan in mind.

His collaboration with Shen Yanxiao had just begun, and they had yet to reach the stage where they would live and die together.

It would be great if Shen Yanxiao could survive this calamity, but he would not help if she could not.

After Duan Hen left, Shen Yanxiao immediately gathered all the members of Sun Never Sets and told everyone about it.

With the exception of the five great aristocratic families and Nangong Mengmeng, no one else had heard of the Broken Star Palace, so they were confused about this matter.

It was not until Shen Yanxiao told of the Broken Star Palaces terrifying strength to the public that they realized how terrifying the entity they were about to face was.

“What should we do Should we leave now” Du Lang frowned.

The strength of the Broken Star Palace was too terrifying.

To make the matter worse, they had no idea how many people the Broken Star Palace would send out—just that was already too risky for them to continue staying here.

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