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Chapter 1077: Despicable Plan (1)

Even a fool would realize that Elder Wens sudden show of magnaminty was not due to his role as the organizer.

The real reason was probably because the Five Beasts had displayed such terrifying strength when they fought against Group Blizzard City that Elder Wen had no choice but to run away in fear.

As long as Elder Wen was not an idiot, he would understand that winning against five Second-Class Experts was harder than climbing to heaven.

At the news, the Five Beasts were depressed because they did not have the chance to stretch their limbs anymore.

Elder Wen was also depressed.

He felt as if he had eaten a fly when he personally gifted victory to Shen Yanxiao, whom he hated the most.

However, he also knew that even if they were to fight, it would only make Twilight City lose more face.

Even though the Five Beasts had displayed powerful strength during the tournament, their methods of dealing with Group Blizzard City were extremely gentle and friendly.

They did not even attack the ten high-level magical beasts after they were swept off the stage.

It was all to express goodwill.

However, if their opponent was Group Twilight City, the treatment would not be as good.

Elder Wen was well aware that Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets had a close relationship.

Sadly, the relationship between Twilight City and Sun Never Sets had become extremely bad due to his actions.

Even though he dearly wished to win, he was not stupid enough to use his subordinates lives to gamble.

Elder Wen had already made up his mind, but he was still unable to swallow his anger.

With a gloomy expression, he sat in the City Lords Mansion with Luo Fan beside him.

Luo Fan did not appear in front of everyone for several days.

Except for a few people in Twilight City, no one knew where he was.

“Elder Wen, you dont have to care about this loss much.

We should prioritize the overall picture.” Luo Fan comforted while looking at the furious Elder Wen.

Elder Wen coldly snorted and said, “Naturally, this old man will not bicker with a little kid who does not know etiquette.

However, it is honestly despicable of me to surrender the victory to that little thief.”

Duan Hen remained silent on one side, but a sneer flashed across his eyes.

Who could not understand the root of his anger He had no choice but to hand over the victory to someone he could not do anything about.

This old man must be having a lot of fun deceiving himself.

He was so hypocritical that spitting on him would not suffice.

Duan Hen secretly despised him, but his expression remained indifferent.

Luo Fan smiled and said, “Elder Wen, with your magnanimity, you dont have to argue with a shameless brat like Shen Yanxiao.

Moreover, so what if you give her victory If all the elites under her command die in Twilight City, wouldnt you be able to easily deal with Shen Yanxiao in the future”

Luo Fan paused for a moment before he continued, “If she no longer has the strength to suppress the other three parties, the prize of the tournament is merely an agreement on a sheet of paper.”

Elder Wens expression eased a little.

He looked at Luo Fan and said, “You make it sound so simple.

Even though I am willing to assist you in the past, there are at least two mythical beasts and six Second-Class Experts in Sun Never Sets.

In the face of these forces, Im afraid it wont be easy to deal with even if all the elites of our Twilight City and Fantasy Devil City were to gather together, right Moreover, even if we were to attack them, we cannot let anyone know that we are the culprits.

Tell me, how do you plan to deal with the people of Sun Never Sets”

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