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Chapter 1076: Impressive-looking But Useless (5)

Brother, dont run so fast.

We dont have any bad intentions.

We just want to have a friendly match with you.

Dont run!

“Forget it, dont we still have Group Twilight City in the next round” Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders.

They had restrained themselves when dealing with Group Blizzard City, but as for Group Twilight City…

“Hehe, I promise I will cut them all.” Tang Nazhi laughed evilly.

“You have to be kind and honest.

It wont be any fun if you beat them to death,” Qi Xiakindly reminded.

“Youre right!” Tang Nazhi nodded.

The five beasts who had just scared off Group Blizzard City had already started to think about how to abuse Group Twilight City.

Elder Wen felt a chill run down his spine as he sat in the stands.

He thought that it was already terrifying for a pervert like Shen Yanxiao to be in Sun Never Sets.

However, he did not expect that there were five more powerful youths hidden around Shen Yanxiao.

What made Elder Wen even more afraid was that he had seen one of the five youths possessing a mythical beast.

Five Second-Class Experts and a mythical beast.

Such a heaven-defying combination…

Elder Wen felt despair.

Group Blizzard Citys defeat meant that the group of perverts from Sun Never Sets was about to fight against Group Twilight City.


In the face of such powerful opponents, even if Elder Wen had arranged for the most elite ten representatives to participate in the tournament, they would not fare any better than Group Blizzard City.

Elder Wens heart instantly sank to the bottom.

They won without much effort, and the five of them still looked unsatisfied.

However, Nangong Mengmeng was even more unsatisfied than them.

The five of them had at least performed one or two moves, but what about her!

She was protected in the back, without any chance to even move a finger!

Nangong Mengmeng wanted to cry.

She also wanted to test her strength as a Warlock in actual combat.

Could they please give her a chance

The six of them returned in glory, but their expressions were dark.

As the result of the match was decided too soon, those who came from Sun Never Sets to spectate the tournament did not feel any excitement at all.

Instead, they felt that everything that happened was a given.

After all, their strength was an open secret in Sun Never Sets.

However, the dominance Group Sun Never Sets had shown had indeed made those from Sun Never Sets feel great.

They were practically laughing their heads off as they turned their heads to look the spectators from other cities.

The Five Beast had only revealed their strength as Second-Class Experts.

If they knew that each of them possessed a mythical beast that was not inferior to Vermilion Bird, would they go crazy

After they were done with Group Blizzard City, Shen Yanxiao led the people of Sun Never Sets to eat and drink as they waited to beat up Group Twilight City the next day.

However, at that very moment, Elder Wen sent someone to deliver a piece of funny news.

Due to the fact that Twilight City was the organizer of this tournament, they ought to have a certain degree of magnanimity.

Thus, Twilight City had decided to opt out from participating in the tournament any longer.

With that, Sun Never Sets had become the champions of this tournament with two won battles.

And three days later, they would invite the City Lord of Sun Never Sets, Shen Yanxiao, to the City Lords Mansion to discuss their prize with the other City Lords.

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