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Qi Xia smiled and nodded while Tang Nazhi quirked his eyebrows.

Everyones gaze landed on Yang Xi, who had a taut expression on his face.

Other than the poor youth who was pulled into the game to fill the numbers, all of them had taken out treasures for their portion of the stakes.

They then waited for Yang Xi of the Azure Dragon Family to open his mouth.

The Azure Dragon Familys skills at weapon constructions were matchless.

All of the refined weapons that were highly-ranked in Longxuan Empire came from their weaponsmiths.

Thus, they wondered what previous item Yang Xi would take out for them to widen their horizons.

Yang Xi sensed everyones attention.

He coldly stared at everyone and with his arms across his chest, he said, “A tenth-grade magical core, deeds of auction houses, and miraculous life-saving medicines.

As expected, your stakes are uncommon indeed.

However, the Azure Dragon Family was never fond of mere worldly possession.

Today, I shall promise that the Hundred-Year Spirit Weapon of this generation shall belong to the winner of this round.”

A Hundred-Year Spirit Weapon!!!

Everyone gasped at Yang Xis words.

The Azure Dragon Family would construct a matchless spirit weapon every century.

Even though only one weapon would be produced in a century, that weapon could defeat all of the other spirit weapons in an instant.

It was an item that the commoners would not even dare to think about.

Back when the Longxuan Empire was first founded, the Azure Dragon Sword that the founding Emperor held was the first Hundred-Year Spirit Weapon that they constructed.

One could hear a dragons cry as they unsheathed the sword, and its blade could cut through iron as if it was mud.

The founding Emperor had used the Azure Dragon Sword to defeat the enemy and then laid a foundation for the Longxuan Empire.

It was rumored that the metal used to forge the Hundred-Year Spirit Weapon was a rare item.

It was the Jade Dragon Metal that was directly refined from the dragon crystal from within the Azure Dragon.

Therefore, every forged weapon contained a portion of power from the mythical beast, the Azure Dragon!

The Azure Dragon could only refine a single block of Jade Dragon Metal in a century.

Therefore, they could only forge a single weapon.

An unmatched expert would then own that single weapon.

Throughout the Longxuan Empire, which peerless expert would not be proud to own a Hundred-Year Spirit Weapon

To think Yang Xi had used that as a stake in a gamble!

That was…

Everyone felt as though their view of the world had collapsed!

How was that a gamble That was basically a meeting for the young masters to flaunt their wealth!

Everyone prayed that their view of the world would not collapse!

What were those mountains of gold coins on the table then

When compared to the rare and precious treasures that money could not buy, those gold coins were practically worthless!

The crowd felt as though the whole world had gone crazy!

The four great aristocratic families had shown their unusual stakes, and the bankers hands started to tremble.

Did those young masters joke with him

Any of those items could purchase a few hundred casinos of their scale, and they planned to use those as their bet

He wanted to take everything off their hands, but did he have the ability to do so

The banker immediately ran to the back room of the casino as he did not have the courage to handle a game of that scale.

Ultimately, the casino had no choice but to invite the boss to oversee the game personally.

When he saw the immense stakes for the game, the boss became greedy and decided to use his casino as the stakes for the bankers capital.

A game with such an astronomical amount of stakes caused everyone to hold their breaths.

As for Shen Yanxiao, who had been a bystander throughout the game, traces of a smirk had appeared in her calm and collected eyes.

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