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A tenth-grade magical core naturally came from a tenth-ranked high-level magical beast.

Across the entire Longxuan Empire, there were no more than twenty people who had the capability to have killed one.

The appearance of any tenth-grade magical core would also cause an intense struggle.

It was not an exaggeration to say that a tenth-grade magical core was sufficient to exchange for two cities!

Except for mythical beasts, the tenth-ranked high-level magical beast was the most powerful among all magical beasts.

The eleventh-ranked magical beasts were nearly extinct.

Therefore, a tenth-grade magical core was the highest grade one could find in the empire.

No matter ones profession, as long as they could infuse that magical core with their weapon, then their weapon would be upgraded significantly!

The incomparably precious tenth-grade magical core attracted everyones attention.

The five great aristocratic families of Longxuan Empire would probably be the only ones who could possess a top-grade magical core.

Furthermore, the Black Tortoise Family was famous for its military force.

Tang Nazhi was perhaps the only one who could take out a tenth-grade magical core so casually.

“I will use this as a stake!” Tang Nazhi sneered, and his arrogant gaze swept past everyone.

“I wonder if the rest of you can afford to follow.”

His provocative words had ignited Qi Xia and the rests anger.

“Since the young master of the Black Tortoise Family is in such great spirits, I will naturally accompany him until the end.” Qi Xia smiled and calmly fished out seven contracts from his interspatial ring.

“These are the deeds to seven auction houses that belongs to the Qilin Family.

If you are capable of emerging victorious, then these seven auction houses would belong to you!”

Deeds to the Qilin Familys Auction Houses!!!

Once again, the crowd went into a furor due to the items on the table.

Everyone knew that the Qilin Family was wealthy, and any random auction house of theirs wouldinsta-kill the other auction houses.

Furthermore, their auction houses were located at prime locations regardless of which city it was in.

Coupled with the Qilin Auction Houses fame, the phrase to earn buckets of gold daily was not even enough to describe the speed that the Qilin Auction House raked in profits!

Qi Xia took out the deeds to seven auction houses in one go, had he gone crazy!

Yan Yu, who had not spoken a word the entire time, had placed three silver-colored pearls on the table immediately after.

Any student who knew their stuff immediately recognized those three silver pearls.

“The Xuantian Pearls! What!” The crowd cried out in surprise, and that immediately caused a commotion.

The Xuantian Pearl was a life-saving artifact that only advanced priests could create.

Each one of those pearls could raise a person from death.

As long as their breath remained, they would immediately be healed by the healing power in the pearl if they crushed it.

A single Xuantian Pearl required an advanced priest to continuously infuse healing powers into the pearl for up to ten years.

The existence of advanced priests was already scarce, not unsimilar to phoenix feathers or unicorn horns.

It was practically an impossible feat to expect them to spend ten years to create one Xuantian Pearl.

Only the White Tiger Family, who was renowned for their medical skills, had a few advanced priests with them.

Those priests must have painstakingly created those Xuantian Pearl for them and only the emperor would be fortunate enough to obtain one or two of those.

Anyone else could only dream about it.

It was practically impossible to find any Xuantian Pearl on the market.

A few years before that, a certain Lord of the City had fallen gravely ill.

He was willing to part with his wealth for one of those pearls, but the White Tiger Family paid him no mind.

To think that Yan Yu actually took out three of such priceless treasures in one go!

Everyone felt as if their hearts were about to leap out of their chests.

“I wonder if I can use these three Xuantian Pearls as capital” A faint smile surfaced on Yan Yus pale face.

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