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Chapter 1026: Lets See Whos More Shameless (3)

Instead, it was Duan Hen who seemed to be convinced by Elder Wen.

Shen Yanxiao could not help but frown.

Even Long Fei knew that there was something suspicious about Duan Wuyas death.

Could it be that Duan Hen, as Duan Wuyas son, was completely unaware of it He was a fifteen-years-old boy, not a young and ignorant child.

How could he not feel hate when Elder Wen was controlling him so openly

Shen Yanxiao did not believe it.

A person that could sign a contract with a mythical beast was definitely not simple.

Every mythical beast had their own standards when it came to choosing their master.

A mythical beast would only submit to the person they acknowledged.

If Duan Hen was so ignorant, the Redflame Beast would not have accompanied him.

While Shen Yanxiao was figuring out the situation, Elder Wen had already tampered with the crystal ball, making an imperceptible mark on it.

As long as Geng Di touched the crystal ball tomorrow, Duan Hen only had to choose the same crystal ball.

“Its getting late, Ill go and rest first.

Familiarize yourself with the differences between these few crystal balls.” After Elder Wen finished everything, he left the storeroom in satisfaction.

Only Duan Hen was left in the huge storeroom.

Under the light crystals illumination, Duan Hens slightly thin body appeared exceptionally bleak.

There was no trace of expression on his somewhat inexperienced face.

He carefully touched the crystal balls one by one and after familiarizing himself with them for a moment, he suddenly fiercely pinched a blue crystal ball.

The calmness on his fair and clear face faded and was soon replaced with a strong hatred.

That trace of hatred quickly disappeared.

Duan Hen acted as if nothing had happened.

He put the four crystal balls back and left the storeroom expressionlessly.

The moment the doors of the storeroom closed, Shen Yanxiao nimbly leaped out from the darkness.

Looking at the tightly shut doors, a crafty smile curled on her lips.

Duan Hen was definitely not an idiot.

That flash of hatred was the truest thought that was buried deep in his heart.

It seems like the eminity between Duan Hen and Elder Wen was not small.

However, looking at his previous deferential attitude towards Elder Wen, there were no signs of it at all.

If it were not for that moment when he revealed his true feelings, Shen Yanxiao probably would not have found any flaws.

Patient and determined.

This Duan Hen was absolutely not a simple character.

Right now, he was probably concealing his strength and biding his time.

He was a smart person.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

Soon after, she looked at the four crystal balls placed on the table.

Elder Wens tampering of the crystal balls was not complicated.

He only made some slight changes on the blue crystal balls.

She did not notice any difference when she looked at it.

However, if she were to touch it with her fingertips, she would notice that there were some tiny bumps all over the blue crystal balls.

If she had known about this, she probably would not have noticed that.

A nasty smile curled on Shen Yanxiaos lips.

She quickly created some small bumps with magic power all over the red crystal ball and wiped the bumps away from the blue crystal balls.

In the blink of an eye, the changes in the blue and red crystal balls had been completely swapped.

From now on, these crystal balls would be sealed until tomorrow.

It was impossible for Elder Wen to check them again.

Plus, he had no reason to check as he definitely did not expect someone to tamper with these crystal balls after he left.

“You want to play shameless with me Id like to see who is more shameless.” A crafty glint flashed past Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

She placed the four crystal balls back on the table and disappeared from the storeroom.

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