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Chapter 1024: Lets See Whos More Shameless (1)

The battle between the four City Lords would certainly be exciting.

Everyone was looking forward to the battle.

On the night before the battle, Shen Yanxiao changed into her thieving clothes and left the pavilion soundlessly to the City Lords Mansion inTwilight City.

Fantasy Devil City had caused the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group members to suffer so much.

No matter how good Shen Yanxiaos personality was, she could not possibly let Geng Di off just like that.

She was determined to teach Geng Di a lesson in the individual battle tomorrow.

With Geng Dis strength, it was impossible for him to win no matter what opponent he met.

Thus, if they did not meet in the preliminaries, Shen Yanxiao would not have the chance to face him.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao was going to the City Lords Mansion tonight to tamper with the drawing of lots to ensure that she could rightfully teach Geng Di a good lesson tomorrow.

It was already late at night and the city was in complete silence.

There were only four guards outside the mansion so Shen Yanxiao easily avoided their detection and snuck into the mansion.

The tools used for the lot drawing were crystal balls that possessed magical powers.

There were four in total, two were red, and two were blue.

As long as Shen Yanxiao tampered with it and followed Geng Di after he drew his ball, she could absolutely obtain a crystal ball of the same color as him.

The crystal balls used for drawing lots were now sealed in the City Lords Mansion.

The crystal balls had a certain degree of magical fluctuation, so Shen Yanxiao had Xiu lock onto their position and directly went over.

The crystal ball was placed in the storeroom of the City Lords Mansion.

Just as Shen Yanxiao went over, she noticed that the storeroom was lit up.

With a thought, she soundlessly snuck in and concealed herself in a dark corner.

In the storeroom, two figures were standing by the table where the crystal balls were kept.

“Tomorrow, I will have Geng Di fight you first.

With your strength, it should be foolproof.” Elder Wen held two blue crystal balls in his hands and looked at the silent Duan Hen with arrogance.

Duan Hen frowned.

“Elder Wen, why do you have to do this” Twilight City was the organizer of this tournament, but no one expected Elder Wen to use his position for personal gain, arbitrarily changing the sequence of the lots.

Elder Wen snorted disapprovingly.

“What do you know Blizzard City won the first battle yesterday and Long Fei is in a good state right now.

He is already a Second-Class Expert so his strength cannot be belittled.

If you were to beat him, Im afraid you will suffer heavy injuries in the process.

Moreover, the finals will be held in two days and if you are injured, wouldnt you just automatically lose in the finals”

Elder Wen did not think there was anything wrong with his actions.

Since the tournament was hosted by Twilight City, he naturally had to make good use of this opportunity.

Blizzard City had benefited from lack of action in the first battle.

If he had known that this would happen, he would have arranged for the first round to be between Fantasy Devil City and Twilight City.

The strength of Fantasy Devil City could not be compared to Twilight City.

Ten high-level magical beasts were a joke in front of their team.

Even though Sun Never Sets was full of fighting spirit, their overall strength was too weak.

They relied on luck to beat Team Fantasy Devil City.

If the same trick was used on Team Twilight City, they would never win.

Elder Wen was unwilling to lose to Blizzard City.

Even if Long Fei deliberately went easy on him, he was still dissatisfied.

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