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Chapter 1015: Glory Is My Life (5)

Those silhouettes were none other than the villagers that Uncle Nine had sent over.

They were wearing the same attire as the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

None of them had magical beasts.

They had only been with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group for a short period of time.

Du Lang had asked his brothers to take care of them during the battle so that they would not be injured.

“Dont go!” Du Lang was shocked when he saw the dozens of people rushing towards Fantasy Devil Citys team.

Those few people had no battle aura or magic.

Other than their strength, they were practically ordinary people.

There were twenty plus people and twenty intermediate-level magical beasts on the opposing side.

And none of them were to be trifled with.

If they were to rush over, they would undoubtedly be sending themselves to their deaths!

“You bastards, youre too much!” However, those villagers did not care about Du Langs warning and rushed over while roaring.

The people from Fantasy Devil Citys side were stunned.

Looking at those dozens of people without any battle aura or magic to protect themselves, they wondered if they were hallucinating.

There were dozens of ordinary people hidden in Sun Never Setss team, and they were rushing over without any regard for their lives.

They had received Geng Dis instructions on how to deal against the team from Sun Never Sets.

They could not be lenient.

In the face of dozens of unarmed and defenseless commoners, the people from Fantasy Devil Citys side were determined to kill.

They immediately ordered their magical beasts to rush over, waiting for those reckless people to be torn into pieces.

However, what happened next stunned everyone.

The moment the magical beast pounced on them, those dozens of ordinary-looking men immediately threw a punch and sent an intermediate-level magical beast flying!

“How is that possible!” Geng Di stood up in shock.

He was dumbstruck as he looked at the group of people who could send an intermediate-level magical beast flying with their bare fists.

He could not believe his eyes.

On the stage, more than twenty intermediate-level magical beasts were sent flying out of the stage like punching bags.

Soon after, they opened their arms with a roar and pounced on the people from Fantasy Devil City.

The twenty plus people in the Fantasy Devil City immediately felt as if a huge boulder had smashed on them and soon after, they were sent flying uncontrollably.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of people from Sun Never Sets flew out of the arena with the remaining twenty plus people from Fantasy Devil City.

Only the seven exhausted wolves were left on the stage.

“How could this be…” Du Lang gasped for breath as he looked at the shocking turn of events.

He originally thought that all his efforts would be for naught, but unexpectedly…

It was deadly silent in the venue.

No one expected such an ending.

The bravery of the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was worthy of their admiration, but no one expected that Sun Never Sets would win this battle.

However, in the end, only the people from Sun Never Sets were left on the stage.

Everyone from Fantasy Devil City had been knocked out.

Such a dramatic turn of events almost caused everyone to be rooted on the spot.

“We won… we won…” Evil Wolf looked at the stage that was dyed red with blood in a daze and stiffly muttered.

“We won…” Du Lang suddenly realized their victory.

His eyes were moist.

No one could understand how much he and his brother had paid for this win.

Seriously, everything.

The referee at the edge of the stage hesitated before he said, “The first battle, Sun Never Sets… wins!”

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