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Chapter 1011: Glory Is My Life (1)

“Evil Wolf, Magic Wolf… the six of you, listen up.

In a while, join hands with me and force those ten people out of the stage.” Du Lang was surprisingly calm at that moment.

He had already calculated that they were at a disadvantage and the only thing they could do was to make use of the rules of the tournament and force their opponents off the stage at all costs.

Their targets were those ten people who led high-level magical beasts.

If they did not get rid of them first, there was no need for them to continue fighting.

Just those ten magical beasts were enough to cause them trouble.

“Yes!” The six wolves growled as their eyes burned with fighting spirit.

At that moment, the bell signifying the start of the battle sounded and both teams moved at the same time.

Shen Yanxiaos heart was in her throat!

Before both sides came into contact, the magical beasts from both sides had already met.

In the blink of an eye, over three hundred magical beasts intertwined with each other, with their roars resounding throughout the horizon!

The ten high-level magical beasts of Fantasy Devil City were similar to ten huge bulldozers as they rampaged around and directly knocked away the thirty plus low-level magical beasts!

The difference in levels was obvious.

The people from Fantasy Devil City and Twilight City smiled complacently while the people from Sun Never Sets and Blizzard City broke out in cold sweat for Du Lang and the others.

“All magical beasts, withstand the ten high-level magical beasts! At all costs!” Du Lang decisively gave an order.

They had to withstand the impact of the ten high-level magical beasts.

Otherwise, if they were to rush into the crowd, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups numbers would be greatly reduced in an instant.

With Du Langs command, all the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group ordered their magical beasts to rush towards the ten high-level magical beasts.

However, how could a puny low-level magical beast be a match for a high-level magical beast One low-level magical beast was knocked away and slowly, a large number of low-level magical beasts bled into a river of blood under the bite of the high-level magical beasts.

In the blink of an eye, the blood of magical beasts stained the entire stage.

However, none of the magical beasts retreated.

None of them betrayed their masters orders.

The contract between magical beasts and humans and their long-standing companionship allowed them to never question their masters orders.

Even if they knew that their charge was suicidal, they would bravely advance and never take a step back.

The magical beasts in Sun Never Sets had been greatly depleted, and the people on both sides had already clashed.

All the low-level magical beasts were used to fight against the high-level magical beasts, while the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group fended against their human enemy and those intermediate-level magical beasts alone.

Seeing their magical beast dying under the claws of high-level magical beasts, the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had reddened eyes.

They were comrades that had accompanied them for many years.

They had accompanied them since they reached adulthood.

However, they could not lose.

They represented Sun Never Sets to welcome their first victory.

If they were to lose here, then Sun Never Sets would never be able to raise its head again!

“Evil Wolf, Lone Wolf, follow me! Sleep Wolf, Wild Wolf and Fire Wolf, stay in the middle and wait for the right opportunity!” Du Lang wielded his long sword and led Evil Wolf who was a knight and Lone Wolf who was a swordsman towards one of the ten men.

That person was still appreciating the scene of his magical beast slaughtering low-level magical beasts when all of a sudden, he saw three silhouettes rushing towards him.

In an instant, Du Lang and the other two sealed off all his paths of retreat.

Almost at the same time, Magic Wolf, who was ten steps away, immediately chanted advanced magic.

That persons companions immediately wanted to come and support him, but Fire Wolf and Wild Wolf, who were prepared, immediately shot arrows, blocking their path.

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