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Chapter 1004: Twilight City (22)

Long Fei and Long Xueyao sat down at the table.

Shen Yanxiao had asked someone to buy this table.

It was a huge round table, enough to fit a few dozen people.

Even with the addition of the father and daughter from the Long Family, it did not feel crowded.

Everyone in Sun Never Sets was familiar with Long Fei and Long Xueyao.

They had a good impression of each other and did not feel restrained.

“City Lord Long, it looks like todays banquet ended on bad terms” Shen Yanxiao propped her chin and said with a smile.

She did not feel guilty at all.

Long Fei smiled and said, “City Lord Shen is smart.

Also, you dont have to call me City Lord.

It sounds awkward.

If you dont mind, you can call me Brother Long.” Long Fei was a mercenary, so he naturally did not like red tape.

“Thats good.

Brother Long, you can call me Xiaoxiao.” Shen Yanxiao also did not act pretentious so she directly agreed.

However, Long Xueyao had a complicated expression on her face.

If her father were to call Shen Yanxiao sister, wouldnt she have to call her… aunt

Long Xueyao was so embarrassed that she wished she could dig a hole and hide in it when she thought about how tempted she was when Shen Yanxiao had disguised herself as a man.

“Very well.” Long Fei laughed out loud.

He already found Shen Yanxiao pleasing to the eye, and he had also received Shen Yanxiaos favor.

Naturally, he did not find anything inappropriate.

On the other hand, Du Lang was shocked.

Long Fei was a legend in the mercenary world and not only was he the City Lord of Blizzard City, he was also one of the five rulers of the God Wind Alliance.

Shen Yanxiao had become his sister just like that…

“Xiaoxiao, you have done a great job today.

I am impressed.

To tell you the truth, I rushed here tonight because I have something to tell you in person,” Long Fei said with a straight face.

“What is it” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“Xiaoxiao, with your intellect, you should have sensed that Twilight City has been making things difficult for you ever since you all entered Twilight City, right They arranged for you to stay in such a remote place and had someone to send you a late invitation,” Long Fei said.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“In fact, that is exactly what I wanted to say.

Duan Hen is no longer in charge of Twilight City.” Long Fei frowned.

“That old man” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

“Thats right.” Long Fei nodded and said, “That old man is Elder Wen, one of the seven great elders of the Elders Council in the Seventh Kingdom.

He is old-fashioned and pedantic, and he places great importance on seniority.

Twilight City was once controlled by Duan Hens father, Duan Wuya.

But after Duan Wuya passed away, Duan Hen had no choice but to rely on the Elders Council due to his young age.

As time went by, the Elders Council basically took over Twilight City.

In fact, it was Elder Wens idea to make things difficult for you these past few days.”

“I dont recall to have provoked him.” Shen Yanxiao was curious.

She rarely had any contact with Twilight City, so why was this Elder Wen targeting her when she had not even met him

She finally understood why there was such a huge difference in attitude between how they were treated in the past and now.

It was probably because of Duan Hen that Twilight City was friendly to her.

Right now, Twilight City was under Elder Wens control so that was why they were messing with her like that.

Long Fei answered, “Because of Geng Di.”

Shen Yanxiao immediately frowned.

This guy was her old rival.

“Geng Dis father is on good terms with Elder Wen.

He knew that you would be participating in the tournament and so, he spoke ill of you to Elder Wen beforehand.

That is why Elder Wen does not like you.” It could be said that Geng Di was the reason why Shen Yanxiao had been treated unfairly.

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