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Shen Sisi felt uneasy in her heart.

She forced herself to be angry and said, “What kind of attitude is Wu Yu showing me”

“Director Wu Yu and Zheng Youcai are old enemies.

Now that he has seen Zheng Youcais glory, its normal for him to be unhappy,” Lei Bing frowned thoughtfully and then quickly switched to an earnest smile.

She comforted Shen Sisi, “Director Wu Yu is angry because of the movies box office earnings.

Dont take it to heart, Sisi.” As Shen Sisis manager, Lei Bing, knew that Shen Sisi and Zhuang Li were still lovers, they had been dating behind the back of Miss Wei.

That was also why Lei Bings attitude towards Shen Sisi was friendly.

“Wu Yu cant compete with Zheng Youcai because Wu Yu isnt capable enough.

Why is he throwing a tantrum at me” Shen Sisi pursed her lips, feeling displeased.

She clenched her fists and said in a deep voice, “I dont care about anything else.

Lei Bing, youre my manager.

You have to help me think of a way.

I can not lose to Shen Hanxing!”

Shen Sisis confident attitude made Lei Bing angry.

Where did this woman get her confidence from Did she think that the whole world revolved around her She also did not want Zheng Youcais movie to surpass their film.

However, she was only a manager and not a superhero.

She could not make Wu Yus movie better than Zheng Youcais!

“Sisi, whether this movie is popular or not, whether the box office is good or not, its not up to me to decide,” Lei Bing suppressed her anger and chuckled awkwardly, “this still depends on whether the audience buys it or not…”

“If the audience doesnt buy it, let them watch only our movie!” Shen Sisis eyes flashed with viciousness.

“If we could not be better than them, destroy a movie thats better than us.

Do you need me to teach you even this I dont know how you got your title as a top manager!” During this time, everything that Shen Sisi did was not going smoothly, causing a monstrous fury surge in her.

Lei Bing hesitated and thought, “Why dont Shen Sisi do it herself if it was as simple as she said” But when she thought of Zhuang Li, who was behind Shen Sisi, she could only suppress all kinds of negative emotions and feelings for a solution.

“Sisi, you mean…” Lei Bing frowned.

Her brain was working quickly.

“Should we let the audience rejectMissing Girl” So naturally, they would not buy tickets to watch the movie in the cinema.

“Of course, its best if we can do that.

Find more people to promote negative reviews aboutmissing girl and then promote how good our movie is,” Shen Sisi put on her sunglasses.

She sneered.

“Dont you know how to create such a simple hype If you dont, then dont come and look for me!”

Before the crew released the movie, they posted some snapshots of the filming process to attract the audience.

It was a standard promotional method.

However, when Shen Sisi was filming, she used a stunt double whenever possible.

She couldnt get up in the morning, had to go to bed early at night, and couldnt stay up late.

She was busy sending Zhuang Li tonic soup every day.

She also had to take leave to go on a date.

How could she promote the movie Wait a minute… Lei Bing looked at Shen Sisis beautiful face.

She suddenly thought of a promotional point.

“Among the actors inMissing Girl, other than Han Yin, the rest are average-looking.

Then, we can use your make-up photos and good-looking extras as promotional points.

We can use your beauty to bring heat to the movie.”

After saying that, Lei Bing was the first to laugh.

Looking at Shen Sisis pure and innocent face, she was satisfied with Shen Sisi for the first time.

“This is not an exaggeration.

You are indeed good-looking, right”

Shen Sisi was happy to be praised for her good looks.

She showed Lei Bing a rare smile.

She said calmly, “Alright, do whatever you think is best.”

That meant that she had agreed.

The movie was going to be released tomorrow.

There was no time to do anything else, but this was not troublesome.

Lei Bing immediately contacted Wu Yu and planned to pick out a few scenes that highlighted Shen Sisis beauty overnight and use them to promote the movie.

Fortunately, Shen Sisi cared about her image.

It was not necessary if she did well during the filming.

The most important thing was to make her look beautiful.

To cater to Shen Sisis aesthetic standards, Wu Yu strived to make every frame look good.

While Lei Bing was busy with the publicity, the film critics who had finished watching “Missing Girl” had already started to write their reviews online.

Among them was a big shot in the film critics circle.

He was famous for his evil tongue and had a good personality.

He would never fall for power and would criticize a movie as it was.

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