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“Is Ji Yan crazy What kind of voodoo did Shen Hanxing give him to make him ignore her so much that he didnt even care about being cuckolded” thought Shen Sisi.

“Of course, I think its fine,” Shen Hanxing sneered and said coldly, “If I dont care about the movie I invested in, who should I care about You Who do you think you are!” Her attitude was sharp.

She didnt care about Shen Sisi.

Shen Sisis face was pale, and she bit her lips, “Sister, you… If youre unhappy about what I said, I wont say it anymore.

But were sisters.

Why do you have to say such harsh words”

“Say whatever you want to say.

Ive never asked you not to say anything,” Shen Hanxings gaze was cold.

She said coldly, “Shen Sisi, you can say whatever you want, but what do you mean by saying only half of it Do you think you are filming a movie to make it sound suspenseful” What she hated the most was Shen Sisis secretive attitude.

Shen Hanxing had been honest and unashamed all her life.

She did not need Shen Sisi to act like she had to compromise and not dare to say anything.

She could say whatever she wanted to say!

“Sister, your personality is strong, and you have a bad temper.

No wonder your relationship with Daddy is so bad,” Shen Sisi looked away as she shook her head as if she couldnt do anything to Shen Hanxing.

Her gaze even contained some doting and yielding.

It was as if she was the one who was tolerant of Shen Hanxing.

She sighed softly.

“I know you have a problem with me, so you dont like to listen to anything I say and always go against me.

But Mr.

Ji likes you so much.

You have to cherish it… I dont have the fortune like you to get such love, so I hope that you can live a happy life and dont let down the people around you.” She glanced at Ji Yan, and he said dejectedly, “If… I mean, if… If I had a husband like Mr.

Ji, who loves me so much, I would cherish him.

I would not let him think Im paying too much attention to other men.”

At this point, Shen Sisi did not expect to win Ji Yans heart anymore.

She just wanted to give Shen Hanxing a hard time.

“I thought Wu Yu would lose money finding you to film his movie,” Shen Hanxing lifted her eyebrows.

She looked at Shen Sisi curiously and asked, “can I ask if your acting skills in the movie directed by Wu Yu are as good as now”

Shen Sisis face froze.

“Sister, what do you mean”

“I dont mean anything,” Shen Hanxing shrugged, “I think that if your acting in this movie is as good as it is now, it will be exciting.

I will go and support you and contribute to the movies profit.” Shen Sisi was a hypocrite.

She was so engrossed in acting! If Shen Sisis acting skills were at this level, she deserved the title of an actor.

Shen Sisis expression instantly turned gloomy before Shen Hanxing could finish her sentence.

She smiled at Shen Sisi and reminded her, “You know that I have a strong personality and a bad temper, yet you still say those weird things in front of me.

Arent you afraid that Ill hit you”

Shen Sisi, who had been hit by Shen Hanxing a few times, knew that Shen Hanxing was someone who would beat her whenever she wanted.

She shivered, and her cheeks hurt reflexively.

However, she quickly realized that Shen Hanxing did not dare to do so.

Today was the premiere of two movies.

Shen Sisi and Shen Hanxing belonged to different film crews.

One was the female lead, and the other was an investor.

There were many people here and many reporters and cameramen who had not left yet.

If Shen Hanxing attacked her, the media would post the photos on the internet.

Unless Shen Hanxing did not care about the popularity of “Missing Girl” being suppressed by others and did not care about the box office, she would not dare to attack her.

After thinking this through, Shen Sisi heaved a sigh of relief.

She bit her lip and looked at Shen Hanxing.

“Sister, Im doing this for your good.

Can you not be so rude Im afraid that you will hurt Mr.

Jis heart…”

“What do you mean” Zheng Youcai couldnt take it anymore.

He glared at her and retorted, “Mrs.

Ji and I are innocent.

Im warning you not to talk nonsense!” He hadnt lived long enough! If there were rumors between him and Mrs.

Ji, Ji Yan, who had never been kind to him, would kill him on the spot!

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